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Years & Years - Night Call

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Jacques, Feb 9, 2021.

  1. I think the middle 8 is the best part about it. He is so strong with middle 8s in his music.
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  2. This is a really great listen; the Immaculate, Muscle and Reflection sequencing is *chefs kiss*
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  3. Halsey Halsey you again
  4. It’s a shame that they didn’t include the cover of The Edge Of Glory as the last track because that really goes OFF.
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  5. Rob


    I noticed this last week and can't hear the song any other way, it's so distracting.
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  6. It would then be a Pride playlist dd
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  7. Muscle is my favourite, it's the Up In Flames of this album. Why does he insist on keeping his best songs as deluxe bonus tracks?
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  8. My signed vinyl is cute 0F8F55BC-9CC8-492F-92E3-4257AC097198.jpeg
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  10. Lives rent-free in my head.

    A gorgeous little bop.
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  11. Very Prince, which is never a bad thing.
  12. I need to take some time listening to it, but on my first listen i find it a bunch of strange melodies with some bops here and there hmm
  13. Sweet Talker is number 26 on Mondays midweeks. Nice to see it still climbing after 5 weeks.

    36 > 36 > 41 > 30 > 26 (midweeks)
  14. Just back from Leeds ... really really enjoyed it. Very small venue and he sounded great. Solid setlist... the crowd really went off for all the new tracks... 'Starstruck' went down really well... ( don't shoot the messenger) .. 'Muscle' and 'Nightcall' sounded brilliant.. infact all the new tracks did. Olly was clearly thrilled with the reception to 'Nightcall' and getting the #1

  15. I was at Leeds last night too and totally agree, what a great little show it was. It was so cute how grateful Olly was for the number 1 album and for people coming to the show.
  16. Going to the Kingston gig tonight. Anyone remember the set list?
  17. Here you go - it was a great show:
    Sooner Or Later
    If You're Over Me
    Night Call
    Sweet Talker
  18. Why does he hate All For You?!
  19. Thank you! Can't wait... should be a fun night, though following up Muscle with If You're Over Me seems homophobic.
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  20. The crowd really went crazy for If You're Over Me. *sad face*
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