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Years & Years - Night Call

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Jacques, Feb 9, 2021.

  1. I still hate If You‘re over me ddd.
  2. Yeah, If You're Over Me is by far my least favourite Years & Years single (...and probably least favourite song in general). It's just the really annoying kind of ear worm.
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  3. I adore If You’re Over Me but it’s still mid tier on Palo Santo.
  4. I feel like Olly is going to want to make this album more popular and mainstream than Palo Santo. Just a hunch.

    For me, the only song I ever skip is Lucky Escape - the music production is a bit too squeaky for my ears.
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  5. I assume that's a clip of the new single at the end?

    Also I screamed at how quickly the gurls on were to upvote a solo photo of just Olly ddd.
  6. Sanctify is one of the best songs of all time
  7. Wise of him to wait until his profile shot up with It's A Sin to announce this.

    The other two are both new dads so the prospects of touring/doing promo are probably no longer practical to them, so they're bound to step back regardless.
  8. I never cared for If You’re Over Me, it’s easily my least favourite on the album, but the GP seemed to like it, I was surprised how well it did.
    Sanctify wasn’t instant with me, but after repeated listens it grew on me and I ended up loving it, but as a lead single it was a choice, especially when there’s songs on the album that are up there with King and Shine, now they were moments.
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  9. Of course one of the old founding members has something to say.

  10. I thought Sanctify was so limp and the whole universe / concept around the album was a bit pretentious. It lacked the big songs that the debut offered, and the fact that they sounded like nothing else out there. The Take Shelter > Desire > King > Shine run was immaculate and then Palo Santo offered none of that magic. If You're Over Me was the closest thing to a big hit on the album.
  11. Comes across as a little salty that they weren't part of the group when it reached its peak in terms of success...
  13. Um yeah I'd be salty if I was let go from a band that then hit big? This is a case when the salt is justified.
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  14. That artwork is gorgeous!
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  15. I hope it's a cover of Gaga's Starstruck.
  16. New single felt inevitable after that solo announcement. Cover seems fun and I expect hell of a bop from it.
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  17. I hope this is a slick campaign. Album announcement in April and out by July at the latest would be ideal.
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  18. groove slam work it back filter that baby let go those band members
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