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Years & Years - Night Call

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Jacques, Feb 9, 2021.

  1. Not found it yet either. I wonder why this is.
  2. I didn’t even realise there was a non-Galantis version of Sweet Talker! What’s different about it? I assumed that Galantis handled the production?
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  3. It’s more of a “pre-Galantis” version, that appears on the vinyl in a different form and without them credited. I imagine it was originally produced by someone else, and then Galantis were drafted in to pimp up the production when they needed a hit.
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  4. kal


    Okay but I wanna hear that one. Does it appear on the CD as well? If so, I should buy one.
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  5. It’s not on the CD. I was hoping it would be too.
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  6. Both the album and Sweet Talker are at #26 in the charts today. New peak for the single.
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  7. That's gotta constitute a hit regardless of its eventual peak, it's had impressive staying power.

    As far as the album goes, Consequences is my keeper. The rest is fine.
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  8. This album is full of ear-worms that demand repeat listens. Very strong offering here. Bops all round.
  9. The verses are better than the chorus but I’m liking this.
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  10. My exact thoughts.

    Ready for the super deluxe version of Night Call in a few months with this and 3 other new songs tacked on!
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  11. The Xylophone's making me jump for my phone

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  12. Really enjoying the album. Consequences is definitely the stand out.
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  13. Hallucination is very good, but I still think Muscle, Immaculate and Reflection are stronger, I've got them on constant repeat.

    I really feel like Muscle could have a viral moment if they tried.
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  14. jtm


    The sample is too new and ‚big‘ for my taste and apart from it there‘s not much there. Stream the original instead - great video too:

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  15. Excuse me while I get my life to Hallucination. It goes OFF.
  16. I really love Hallucination


    Will be adding that to my Night Call (Deluxe Edition) playlist.
  17. Why the fuck wasn't this included on the standard album??? Best thing on there by a mile.
  18. Ok, this is a bop! I’ve just added it to my current playlist. Thanks.
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