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Years & Years - Night Call

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Jacques, Feb 9, 2021.

  1. I’ve heard from several people now that ticket sales were apparently extremely underwhelming. I doubt that will make him want to announce extra solo shows.
  2. Justice for Up In Flames.
  3. So Crave has just clicked with me today.
    I finally like a song on this new album.
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  4. Of all the songs to go for, Crave? The taste jumped in!
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  5. Sweet Talker has been certified silver by the BPI.
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  6. He announced European dates and the presale was meant to open earlier today but the Italian site has a mind of its own. Surprise surprise.
  7. upload_2022-4-28_11-27-58.png

    Hallucination (Navos Remix) out at midnight.
  8. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Release another song off the album challenge.
  9. Sadly, the song flopped. 'Consequences' should follow as the next single.
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  10. I honestly can’t believe that I haven’t listened to this whole album yet. The singles and the whole era put me off that bad. Giving a few songs a spin now to see how it lands
  11. So I only just discovered Imanys Don’t Be So Shy a few months ago from someone on here actually but as I have that and Hallucination on my current playlist I realised the intros are exactly the same. Does Hallucination sample Don’t Be So Shy then?

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  12. Update: I could make it through even the selection I queued up. What a drop off, especially production wise. There are some catchy songs in there for sure but this sound and a lot of the lyrical and vocal choices are not what I want from Olly.
  13. Setlist from the opening night of the tour last night in Brighton:

    A Second to Midnight (Intro Video)
    Night Call
    Sweet Talker
    Sooner or Later
    Up In Flames
    20 Minutes
    Eyes Shut
    It’s a Sin

    If You’re Over Me
  14. Great set list!
  15. European tour cancelled with a little Insta story.
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  16. Probably nobody cared so very low sales? I mean how can you cancel a whole tour just like that? It’s not like he’s not well for some reasons since he said he will be performing at festivals over the summer.
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  17. Yeh, it deffo sounded like they couldn't make it work and are looking at booking festivals next year instead.
  18. Yeah received the email last night and thought only my swiss show was canceled.

    It is not surprising though, the last time they were here was witht the first album probably around 5 years ago and they had no European hit since then.

    Too bad. I really would love to see him but I hate festivals.
  19. I really do wonder whether it just comes down to his team massively overestimating demand for this tour. The UK Arena shows were heavily comped allegedly, the Glasgow festival show has been cancelled and now the European dates have been shelved.

    Is it simply the case that Years & Years are not an arena act but their promoters booking them into larger venues?
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