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Years & Years - Palo Santo (Second Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Wildest Dream, May 30, 2016.

  1. I don't see any threads regarding Years & Years second album so I decided to create one. I also read an article on BBC and it said it's gonna be will be better than the first one for sure. So it will be interesting what are your thoughts...
  2. RJF


    Can Miss Olly please remember how to sing like a person before heading back into the studio so we don't get... this:

  3. Yes I thought it sounded like the outcome of a nasty virus when I heard them live on radio 1 yesterday so a little bit of technique won't go amiss.

    I think they had some outstanding songs on their debut, but I just have a feeling they're going to struggle to maintain the quality and popularity...
  4. I think the issue won't be quality but more making sure their sound evolves. Their debut was great and distinctive but I can see audiences moving on to the next thing if they come out with more of the same.
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  5. Can we please get over Olly's apparently terrible live vocals?

    I've never seen a problem with his voice at all and its pretty tiresome.

    Other than that, bring on the bops boys!
  6. RJF


    Try using your ears rather than your eyes!
  7. Weak. Not your best. Try harder precious.

    I do wonder if they will ever be able to top King and Shine which- for me at least- are 11/10s and two of the best pop songs of the last few years.
  8. I'll be surprised if they're not hit by a major sophomore slump.

    Liberty X they ain't.
  9. See Me Now is pretty fun. Apparently they're aiming for Quarter 4.
  10. I love See Me Now, so that's a good sign.

    Seeing them Saturday in NYC, very excited.
  11. Ready for the downward spiral.
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  12. I never really got into their album. I really only liked that one song, which I loved. Shine. Eyes wide shut was nice. The other two were only ok. Cant really remember anything else from the album.
  13. I actually like See Me Now cause it's straight-forward pop and makes it hard for Olly to do the most live.

    Communion was actually one of my favorite album of 2015 I_CANNOT_USE_REAL_WORDS_PROPERLY_ so I'd be happy with more of the same, but I'd love them also going into something more pop and interesting.

    Olly was writing with Sarah Hudson recently.
  14. I still bop to Meteorite and Communion was amongst my top3 albums of last year, so it's safe to say Im pretty excited to see where they go next.
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  15. Omg I'm leaving London that exact same day. Why god why???

  16. [​IMG]
    Olly Alexander of Years & Years on Both Sides Now by Joni Mitchell
    At 13 I taught myself piano from an old song book, and Joni Mitchell’s Both Sides Now was the first song I learned. That’s the reason I chose to cover the song for Calm’s Torch Songs. It made me into a huge Joni Mitchell fan. I have so many favourites of hers, but this song seemed special as it was the first. It’s so simple and heartbreaking. She re-recorded an orchestral version much later in her career and my mum would sometimes play it in the car. I always loved those car journeys and feeling like I was sharing a connection with my mum and with Joni. I like watching her perform it live on the Mama Cass show in 1969 – she’s so commanding and graceful. I love how she’s so vulnerable, she sounds so wise and poetic and exposed. I really believe that she’s lived, been hurt and is still figuring it all out. I take a lot of comfort from that. It always feels like a thump in the chest at the end of the song when she sings: “I really don’t know life at all.” It’s a brave line, it’s sad but it also feels hopeful to me.

    I actually love this. Knowing Olly, it could have been messy.

  17. Did Bands4Refugees and is being the voice of the public:
  18. He's been serving Mika lately in every way. It's a bit off-putting.
  19. RJF


    He needs... to stop singing like that. It's like he's being tickled in the vocal booth.
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