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Years & Years - Palo Santo (Second Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Wildest Dream, May 30, 2016.

  1. I saw them at the Hydro on Wednesday night and a large top section on both sides was curtained off. The concert itself was fine, I had a great time but it definitely didn't feel like a spectacle.
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  3. The Manchester show on Sunday was one of the best gigs I’ve ever been to. ‘Rendezvous’ popped off live and turned my ‘like’ for it into a ‘love’. I’m sad they didn’t do ‘Howl’ but the setlist was otherwise perfect. ‘If You’re Over Me’ stood out like a sore thumb in their discography though.
  4. The tour didn't even come to Yorkshire. Talk about rubbing salt into my wounds.
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  5. Saw them last night - I'm a casual follower at best but they were great. The staging was really awesome and I love the 'efficiency' of their music.

    Olly looks and sounds exactly like my manager, it's freaky. Kept expecting to hear him talk about "CMS functionality" and stuff.
  6. So I went to see them tonight last minute and it was great. I've always loved their music (and Olly) but had switched off a slightly with the new era. The setlist was really great and filled the arena well. It's just a shame that their weren't as many ballad/slower moments as those are some of my favourites of theirs - Hypnotised, Memo and Real were all missing. Lucky Escape was a personal highlight and I think Olly may have even shed a tear singing it.
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  7. My iconic manager gave me free tickets to their O2 gig tonight and it was pretty fabulous. The set design was simple but effective, Olly was in great form and the setlist kept the energy up throughout. I was struck by the lack of interaction, but like a silent Uber driver, I appreciated it.

    Play with Jax Jones, Lucky Escape, Palo Santo and All For You were all moments. My bestie is about as GP as a tolerable person can be... and she screamed when those plinks and plonks heralded If You're Over Me. It seemed like a small price to pay to keep Years & Years operating at such a mainstream level.

  8. A review.
  9. When will the "If you´re over me" hate stop?
  10. More 4 star reviews:

    Evening Standard

    I wish I could have gone to one of the UK shows. They look like they were great.
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  11. Probably never, because it’s a meh song.
  12. kal


    It's a bop and it's basic as hell. I both love it and hate it.
  13. I said it in July, and I'll say it again:
    It's really not that bad. It's a perfectly fine bop. The only version of Sanctify I use is the ALMA remix.
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  14. If You're Over Me is a bop. Sanctify sounds like a parody of them.
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  15. Is there a tour book? Or any interesting tour merchandise outside of t-shirts?
  16. Sanctify was voted the #3 Hottest Record of the Year on Annie Mac’s show last night.

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  17. I have to laugh.gif
  18. Y’all do the most with Sanctify. It’s a solid 7/10 even if it is no All For You or Up In Flames.

    If You’re Over Me is the true abomination of the era. Maybe I’m doing the most thinking about it....
  19. You are
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  20. I LOVE If You're Over Me now. That minimalistic plink plonkery I like.
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