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Years & Years - Palo Santo

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Wildest Dream, May 30, 2016.

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  1. kal


    I think I'm ready to say that Hypnotised is the best thing they've done. I was ready to say that about Rendezvous but things changed.

    Still, it's a shame this deluxe album lacks its own 1977. That's a special little gem too.
  2. I'm so glad they ended up getting a hit. For a while I thought this album would be stuck in Charli XCX development hell. Gays won. Talent won.
  3. I last minute decided to get the red vinyl due to the great reception it's been getting on here, it's already dispatched!
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  4. Up In Flames reminds me of some of the electronic stuff Darren Hayes has done. I agree that the album is far better then the two lead singles. Many great songs
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  5. Hypnotized, Karma and Rendezvous are THE tracks for me.
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  6. I don't know what that is but it sounds like good promo. Do we think If You're Saving My Career will go Top 5 this week?
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  7. Nah I think Drake will stop it from happening
  8. I do have to commend them for actually getting this out. After such a long gestation period it just seemed like they were doomed to a start stop, delayed neverending album campaign so to se it all come together in the end is nice. I’m so excited to hear this in the morning.
  9. They really did release the worst songs on the album as singles huh? Ugh, werk my subversive Kings.

    Anyway, Hallelujah - All For You - Karma is the trinity of gay bops Twenty-Gayteen has been needing. I’m so proud.
  10. How is everyone hearing this already? Has it leaked?
  11. I never thought there was any danger of this not coming out or getting perma-delayed. My main worry was that it was going to be crap, but based on what y'all are saying so far it seems like that's not the case.
  12. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Ddd I never heard Sanctify and I kinda like it but it sounds like an NSYNC song.
  13. All For You is the clear standout for me. I absolutely love it and hope it will get a proper single release at some point because it will be wasted otherwise. Karma, Preacher and Lucky Escape are the other ones really grabbing me.

    Sanctify with different/beefed up production would be just about passable as a bonus track, but that's all.
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  14. Yes.
  15. Oh that’s a shame! But least I only have to wait a few hours to hear it for myself!
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  16. Honestly the lyrics in Lucky Escape he gingersNapped
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  17. Well it's not really leaked, more like "released in countries with different time zones".
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  18. Does Steve Mac know how to not make shit music? If You’re Over Me is easily the worst thing on this.

  19. The homosexual power this has.
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  20. Sanctify - 7
    Hallelujah - 9
    All For You - 9.5
    Karma - 10
    Hypnotised - 11
    Rendezvous - 9
    If You're Over Me - 6 (it's growing on me - but still doesn't fit anywhere in this album)
    Preacher - 8
    Lucky Escape - 7
    Palo Santo - 8
    Here - 6 (pretty pointless)
    Howl - 10
    Don't Panic - 7.5
    Up In Flames - 9
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