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Years & Years - "Starstruck" + 3rd Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Jacques, Feb 9, 2021.

  1. I’m not sure if it’s been released yet.
  2. It's cute I guess?
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  3. It's supposed to tick all the boxes but it doesn't click for me at the moment. A hybrid of Future Nostalgia, Joel Corry Capital FM-dance and Eurovision, but it ends up being neither.
  4. The chorus needed to pop for this to really work, but as it is, it's a late-in-the-tracklisting mild bop.
  5. have u seen the Starstruck hashtag emoji on Twitter ?!

    Use #playstarstruck to check it out !
    ALSO u can have a play around with some vvv fun Starstruck themed gifs on Instagram stories eheheh I love these! Search ‘starstruck’ to find them

  6. This has been insta-added to the Radio 1 A-list which...has surprised me a little.
  7. Really? They RINSED the singles of the last era.
  8. That’s never stopped them from dumping artists from the playlist before, especially as the last album was nearly 3 years ago and flopped pretty spectacularly.

    I thought this might be a cautious c-list add at best.
  9. Olly is very en vogue at the moment which probably helps a lot.
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  10. If he has to release 2 or 3 slightly generic bops as singles to appease the label into letting him release a great gay album (aka one the label wouldn’t have faith in/wouldn’t know what to do with) then I’ll take that compromise.
  11. Yeah the "sound" of this this is radio and Topshop changing room catnip, and it'll be everywhere – I won't be playing it much, but it does its job.
  12. I worry 'great gay album' for Olly is Santify x 10.
    I'm very here for his Listen Without Prejudice Volume Cig though.
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  13. K94


    Decent verses but the safe chorus kinda lets it down a bit and the "not giving you up" hook feels a bit played out. Summer bops this year have to come harder than this. Learn something from 'Hot Hot'!
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  14. I fear this might be the great gay album dddddd
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  15. Yeah, It's A Sin really feels like it's pushed him to the next level so I imagine he will get some decent streaming numbers this week.

    I'm not entirely sold on Starstruck yet. It's just perfectly serviceable for me at the moment but I felt the same about If You're Over Me and that ended up being a big hit so I'm not the best at seeing how this is going to go when it comes to Years & Years.
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  16. It's generic and lacking... but I keep listening to it?
  17. I quite like Starstruck, it's not a Shine which I was hoping for as Olly's first solo release but if this basic bop is a hit to get the locals onside we should hopefully be getting a few Up In Flames on the album.
  18. It may be everywhere, but it definitely won't be in Topshop changing rooms dd
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  19. No Graham Norton on the schedule now this evening I see.
  20. What boys tell me when I tell them a story during our first date. Stick with it.
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