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Years & Years - "Starstruck" + 3rd Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Jacques, Feb 9, 2021.

  1. Glad so many are loving it but Starstruck to my ears sounds a bit too much like an Olly Murs comeback single, it’s a bop and all that but I was wishing for a bit more. It’s no King that’s for sure.
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  2. This may sound incredibly random but to me it kinda sounds like when Melanie C drops a track and you think "fair play, that's quite a catchy Melanic C track" but you know it's not going to bother the charts.
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  3. I still can't get over the inherently shady "umm yeah so it's just Olly now btw" literally a week before the single announcement.
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  4. "If you release that as the first single, we're DONE."
  5. ITV has just announced a new entertainment show called Starstruck... with Olly Murs as host.
  6. Ddddd...these three posts in a row.
  7. Well, Olly Murs hosting a show called Starstruck after Olly Alexander's solo project Years & Years released a single called Starstruck isn't as complicated as Years & Years collaborating with Pet Shop Boys and then starring in a series that is from the creator of the TV show Years and Years and named after a classic Pet Shop Boys song.
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  8. Nn does the chorus melody remind anyone else of that Kill The Lights song?
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  9. You can stick that Olly Murs has a song called Years & Years in there somewhere.
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  10. Yep, especially the beginning “I can’t help it...” is exactly the same melody.
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  11. This just... has no hook to it at all past the one chorus line ddd. It hasn't stuck with me at all.
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  12. I totally missed that they’d split. I think the signs were there for a long time that Olly being the “face” was more than just a marketing decision. I watched some interview with the bunch of them around the time of the last album and they looked uncomfortable.
  13. I seem to recall that the three of them couldn't settle on a theme for Palo Santo and in the end Olly went away, wrote some tracks and Emre and Mikey just.... went along with it?
  14. I adore the Palo Santo album to bits, but it was a total misfire of a project altogether. To be honest, a colourful art direction like the one they used for Communion was the way to go instead of the gloomy portrayal we got.

    Plus, the singles. Oh lord, the singles was a butcher's job. 'Sanctify' was a humongous mistake and definitely a moody song that resembles a bonus track between all the strong moments the album reaches. A penny for my thoughts: 'Sanctify' is a great album name and could have been used as that.

    'Sanctify' album singles run:

    1 - All For You
    2 - If You're Over Me
    // Album release
    3 - Hallelujah (with a featured artist tagged onto it)
    4 - Play
    5 - Brand new song
    // Album re-release


    Album 3 called 'Prayer' perhaps?
  15. I remember an interview when Olly started getting asked about a 2nd album where he was talking about dating and that he (paraphrasing) was impatient with people, like with guys who make plans with you then don't follow up. He mentioned trying to get the ball rolling with the other two on writing the 2nd album and when they were sort of "how about next week?" about it Olly got frustrated and stormed off.
  16. Starstruck sounds like something Olly fished out of Sky Adams trash bin after Kylie's DISCO sessions.
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  17. If Starstruck is indicative of Olly getting total creative control then....maybe he should have listened to the other guys' suggestions a bit more.

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  18. Give the control back.
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  19. i'm afraid i find everything about it unbearable
    he's become one of the most irritating people
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  20. I'm kii'ing at the fact I was mildly dragged a couple of months ago for suggesting scepticism as to how involved the rest of the band would be in album three.

    The Olly Murs comparison is completely bang-on here though. Everything from the delivery in the verses and the melody of the chorus feels like a mash-up of a few of his weaker singles. The electronic production also makes it feel surprisingly... claustrophobic? I feel like it probably would have turned out to be a better song had it been given some live guitars and a bit of space to breathe.
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