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Years & Years - "Starstruck" + 3rd Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Jacques, Feb 9, 2021.

  1. Now that’s how you remove a cape at the Brits.
  2. This Friday works better I’m on annual leave all next week

    ta in advance huns x
  3. Starstruck is at #41, It's A Sin a new entry at #57.
  4. That’s actually...really impressive for It’s a Sin, especially as it only had 2 full days and wasn’t in The Spotify top 200 for either day. iTunes sales must be really high. Starstruck debuted at no 64 for comparison.
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  5. When will Elton John stop terrorising songs I love
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  6. Oh my, Elton really murders this version. Such a shame.
  7. So we're all just okay with making fun of people's physical appearances now?
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  8. Genuine question: what's all the Elton hate about? Is it something he's done in particular? I've never really followed him.
  9. Ok. I’ll remove it (the meme). It wasn’t my intention to offend.
  10. What was the intention?
  11. Yeah I don't get the Elton hate, his music isn't to my taste but I enjoy his Artpop duet, Sine From Above and Its a Sin.

    Y'all do too much on the man.
  12. I think a lot of people are just fed up of Elton being Boomer World's pet gay who gets regularly trundled out like he's some sort of Elder Statesman. At least he's not Boy George I guess, who seems to get a pass for his problematic history for simply being the Boomers Other Favourite Gay.
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  13. If the removed meme is the Mutya Keisha Siobhan one, all the people in the photo along with Keisha and Siobhan have retweeted, commented on it and/or liked it. It's fine.
  14. "Trundled out"? So, just ageism then?
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  15. Elton John is an elder statesman.

  16. No, it's just whenever he appears it's all a bit "Oh it's Elton again".
  17. kal


    Nah, it wasn’t that (iconic) one.
  18. My personal issue with Elton appearing everywhere is a direct result of his voice sounding like he’s spent the last decade gargling with gravel x
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  19. Elton John has one of the best back catalogues in music history. The man’s legendary.

    Everyone ages and voices deteriorate as a result. In his prime, he was incredible.
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  20. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    This thread really doesn't have to be so tense............let Olly and Elton both thrive xx
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