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Years & Years - "Starstruck" + 3rd Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Jacques, Feb 9, 2021.

  1. kal


    The worst tracks on Palo Santo for me are Karma and Here. Both are easy skips that could have been replaced by some of the bonus tracks.
  2. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    Sanctify is a good song, it just wasn’t a single, let alone a lead for a sophomore album. It’s true All For You flopped by the time it was released, but if it’s the lead, I think it’s a totally different result. Maybe Rendezvous, it’s not my favorite, but I do hear what people mean when they say it should have been a single.

    Anyway, onwards. I think it’s a good thing we can drop the pretense with having the other guys around Olly and finally let this be what it probably should have always been. And it makes sense to keep Years & Years as a sort of persona when he’s doing music, and keep his own name for acting.
  3. I think Hallelujah would’ve been a perfect single to lead the album with, or as a big second single. It’s such a rush and is a great progression from the first album.
    Hallelujah, maybe as a single edit with some some little production flourishes would have been ooof chefs kiss
    It’s crazy actually to think critics like the second album more because it genuinely sounds polished yet less finished than the first
  4. I don’t dislike Sanctify, and it’s refreshing to have a song about submitting your anus to an alpha domtop on the radio, but... I also don’t care about it all that much.

    It’s Olly on autopilot, and something of a stand-in for how I feel about the Palo Santo album as a whole.
  5. I actually think Palo Santo is more consistent and interesting throughout than Communion, but unfortunately it doesn't have any standout hits anywhere close to Shine and King (although I think Rendezvous could've been one). I quite enjoyed the larger sonic variety that came with the different producers, although that probably sealed the beginning of the end of Years & Years as a band already.
  6. rdp


    I feel like Palo Santo (the title track itself) is surprisingly underrated. That outro!
  7. Palo Santo is a gorgeous song
  8. I feel like Palo Santo is the Delirium to Communion’s Halcyon Days...

    Which is why everyone and their mother prefers Communion (and Halcyon) as a whole more except for me.
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  9. Palo Santo (the song) is defnitely one of the best things that came out from that era, it's truly gorgeous and it's one of my favourites from them (or him, don't know how to call it now ddd).

    Sanctify, on the other hand, is also a perfectly serviceable song, but not as lead single. I think that they needed something what slaps much harder than this one.
  10. I'm still surprised / disappointed that they never went with Randezvous as a single when it was right there waiting to smash.
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  11. Up In Flames was the best thing on Palo Santo by a mile and that was just a bonus track. Hopefully Olly's new music is more that and Shine than Sanctify and If You're Over Me. My expectations are high.
  12. I’ve just listened to Palo Santo for the first time since 2018, and I’m reminded whilst there’s some strong bops on there, it really does fall apart in the last third of the main album, Lucky Escape is dreadful and was always the point I’d turn off the album, thank goodness that dolphin noise is gone from pop music the pacing of this song is pretty much the same for rest of the album and then picks up again for the bonus tracks.
    Up In Flames being a bonus was a choice, it’s such a banger, replace Lucky Escape with Up In Flames and I’d be there until the end and the album could go from a 3 to a 4/5 for me.
  13. They don't have a bad album.
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  14. I’m always so befuddled by the general criticism of Palo Santo. Here is unlistenable and If You’re Over Me is trite, but it otherwise is all killer for me. And on that luscious, translucent red vinyl? Heaven!
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  15. I much prefer Palo Santo to Communion. Sorry, not sorry.
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  16. [​IMG]
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  17. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    I...hope Olly's live vocals have found time to improve hh.
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  19. My version of Palo Santo:

    All For You
    Palo Santo
    Lucky Escape
    Don't Panic
    Up In Flames

    Out of these 12, I'm not super keen on Lucky Escape, but I like it more than Sanctify, Preacher, Here, If You're Over Me.
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