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Yebba - Dawn

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by TRAVVV, Nov 2, 2017.

  1. Debut album out everywhere September 10th:

  2. R92


    She hit it out of the park once again, and this only reinforces that she may have my favourite voice around at the moment. The light wistfulness growing into the strength and power of the end of the song just sends chills all over me. On such a stacked new music Friday, I think this may be my favourite release of them all?
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  3. She’s unbelievable.
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  4. R92


    Wait, this is a Mark Ronson production? So glad to see them back together!

    Go back to my fave too please and thanks!
  5. I have to say I'm completely floored by this song and her voice. Simply stunning.
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  6. Been waiting for her to release her own stuff- this is better than I could've imagined; reveals itself more with every listen. Very excited for the album.
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  7. She's the best voice out there the past couple of years, gays will call anything with a Spotify acc underrated but she really, really is.
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  8. Finally getting an album! I’ve loved Yebba for so long but it’s hard to stan when there are like 3 solo songs on Spotify
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  9. She is just a phenomenal singer. The way she comes up with different vocal runs in a live setting that always provides emotional depth is just… unmatched. Her runs are crazy and creative, her tone is multidimensional, her approach is full of a certain old-school weight while also feeling new. I am just in awe of her.

    And when you add on top of that the intimacy of her songwriting that is almost uncomfortable and yet so relatable… The sky is the limit.
  10. tea


    This might be one of my favourite performances ever. The range! The talent! The emotion!

  11. I really feel like this album will own my fall
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  12. I read this as 'be my downfall' and same.
  13. Ready for this album already

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  14. October Sky dragged me back in and Louie Bag I just need more!

  15. Her album output has been more experimental than I would have thought in her pre-campaign days. “Louie Bag” caught me off guard at first, but now I love it. This one is giving a bit of a Bond theme vibe. “October Sky” remains instant and gorgeous.

    I’m also loving the animation aesthetic she’s been serving with her lyric videos. I want this album already!
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  16. Ah, so good!
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  17. Come on, Dolores Claiborne!
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  18. "Louie Bag" turned me into a stan. I am so excited for this album!
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  19. October Sky is still the one for me but I think it might sneak up into my favorite songs of the year!

    also upon rewatching all the amazing animated videos and hearing the songs together, I’m just so happy she’s making music that sounds like her. I hope y’all understand what I mean when I say I feared she was going to be turned into some sort of new Adele (Sort of like my first moment hearing Rather Be, oh Ms Glynne the wasted potential!) Vocally there’s no one like her cause she’s daring in her choices. The vocal melodies in her verses would destroy most singers! The verses!! But instead of being tied down by someone trying to make money, I really feel like she’s making art
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