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Yebba - Dawn

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by TRAVVV, Nov 2, 2017.

  1. She is so fucking unmatched in vocals it is INSANE.
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  2. I completely agree with this because prior to the release of "October Sky," Yebba's music didn't click with me – the gorgeous "Where Do You Go" being an exception – although I thought she was an exceptional singer, performer and songwriter. On a lot of the stand-alone singles, it felt like they weren't exactly sure of what to do with the incredible amount of talent Yebba has. She shines on those songs – "Evergreen," "Distance," "My Mind" – but they were never really that exciting to me, her collaborations with Mark Ronson, PJ Morton, Stormzy and Sam Smith being much more compelling or intriguing. I definitely thought at some point they were trying to turn her into a "new Adele," as @Trouble in Paradise pointed out, or some kind of adult contemporary singer which didn't feel right to me.

    But since the release of "October Sky," her track record has been absolutely flawless. Each single has shown a different side of her artistry and how versatile she is as a singer and a songwriter: a beautiful and extremely moving introspective folk song, a quiet hip hop-infused neo-soul banger and a deliciously old school and playful revenge bop. This roll out has been thrilling so far, she has blown me away with each song she has released from this album and I cannot wait to experience the entire thing. It seems like she has finally found a sound that's truly and uniquely hers and I am so happy about it!

    I also hope she'll book a couple of live performances – she seems destined to be on NPR's Tiny Desk Concerts – because I still think of her appearance on Jools Holland often. She was so nervous but absolutely mesmerizing.
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  3. This is insane?! Glad she’s getting such a big platform.

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  4. Boomerang video is cute. Her vocals are next level. I’m so glad this album is finally coming. October Sky and Distance have been destroying me on a regular basis for a while now.
  5. I wouldn't be surprised if this ends up my album of the year; every track we've heard from her (this album or otherwise) is entirely next level. The production across her catalogue is so slick and subtle; the songs are so well written they don't need more than that. And it seems there's real money behind her (as there should be, for once). October Sky remains absolutely devastating.

    And the fact it comes out the same say as Star Crossed? Mercy!
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  6. So both Mark Ronson and Ed Sheeran (I know, I know) introduced me to her 2 years ago and I was blown away by her voice, but for some reason I didn't stay posted on actively seeking her new material out. Rediscovering her now and loving what I'm hearing, she's so so talented.
  7. Not me having a hit thread!
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  8. Listening to her complete playlist on Spotify and I am *not* prepared for this album. October Sky and Distance have unspeakable beauty, and Louie Bag and Boomerang are just boppy enough that I'm confident the full record will feel like the perfect complete statement.

    I can't believe she only has 26k followers on Twitter... less than some of the most annoying gay men.

    You should update the thread title, by the way!
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  9. Done! Let me know if there's a better title (she's new to the thread mom game)
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  10. Boomerang is really serving The White Lotus theme song realness and I love it.
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  11. R92


    Finally listened to “Boomerang”… Holy shit. The western motifs marrying with the touches of psychedelia are just so damn good. Her voice is already peerless, but seeing the production be just as elastic and versatile is so, so exciting.
  12. Not me clicking on several of these links frantically for a good five minutes before realizing the song is not out yet dd.

    Edit: out now!

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  13. All I Ever Wanted is absolutely gorgeous. I am so excited to hear the full thing this Friday.

    Revisiting this tonight and feeling things.

  14. Tiny Desk set out now!
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  15. Island

    Island Staff Member

  16. Let me remove my bang: those who-esque what now?!

  17. The album is brilliant. I have nothing more to say.
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