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Yebba - Dawn

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by TRAVVV, Nov 2, 2017.

  1. Same. There isn't a singer alive with this kind of tenor and the song writing is pretty extraordinary; very this:

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  2. The way I might as well plan to cry and bop in bed tonight with this and star-crossed both coming out.

    October Sky has risen to one of my favorite songs of the year.
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  3. I can’t get over “Paranoia Purple”
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  4. "Stand" interpolating "When You Went Away" from Mark's album caught me completely off guard and suddenly it's 2019 again.
  5. Stand is blowing my mind.
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  6. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Her voice is just everything on this album. What a wonderful debut.
  7. “Love Came Down” though. I need more Mark Ronson and Kaytranada in my life.
  8. They both snapped with this record

  9. Dawn is excellent, it's everything I wanted from her and more. Of course, her vocal performances are insane, she blows the roof off on every single song. The songwriting is intimate and moving, Yebba managed to write about a personal tragedy without ever making the album feel "too emotional." For all the heaviness that is carried in certain songs, there's always a beam of hope that shines all throughout the album. And the production is divine. It's subtle, it never takes the attention away from Yebba – she is front and center here, as she should be – but it's still beautiful and detailed on its own. A KAYTRANADA-co-produced banger was the last thing I expected to find on this album and yet that's what they provided. I can't wait to listen to this album on repeat and fully immerse myself in Yebba's world, but on first listen I'm already impressed and it's one of my favorite records from this year.
  10. It’s just achingly beautiful. This is going to be my autumn album. The more uptempo tracks save it from being a total downer but I love that it leans into grief in the way it does. Mark Ronson did a fantastic job building a world for these songs. Yebba’s range is entirely represented and the wistfulness of these songs is warm and inviting. I really hope this gets the recognition it deserves.
  11. Im so happy with this album, it’s so hauntingly beautiful. I wish Louie Bag wasn’t on there (as I think it’s dreadful and doesn’t fit the vibe at all) but I can easily forgive that for such a stellar debut.
  12. This is so, so special. I've had it on repeat during all the weekend, it feels like floating in the air. Paranoia Purple and its last minute... I'm speechless.

    PS: I would love her to collab with Moses Sumney and Låpsley along the line.
  13. tea


    This blew away and exceeded all expectations for me. Very raw and unfiltered throughout without being heavy or overwhelming. Then, the melancholy scattered throughout the album culminates and is brought front and center in Purple Paranoia - it literally brought me to tears. What a devastating closer.

    I cant wait to replay and live in this album this Fall.
  14. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    The voicemail at the end of Paranoia Purple shatters my heart every time I hear it. I have to brace myself for it every time I listen to the album.

    I gave this a few listens when it came out, but now that the weather is getting colder and greyer, I never want to take it off repeat. You guys have all said this but it really is masterful how she tackles grief through her songwriting. You can just feel the undercurrent of sadness that permeates throughout, so deeply at times, even if she's not being explicit about it.
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  15. It really is Yebba's heartbreak.
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  16. I cry to music a lot, but this song is one of very few that can fully turn me into a sobbing wreck. There’s an anxious energy that flows through the album, almost like an anticipation; we know where we’re going and how the story ends, but it still hits so hard when we do get there on “Paranoia Purple”
  17. I find that this is the type of album I can’t hammer because it’s that good and makes me feel too much
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  18. I'm a masochist and have been hammering it nonstop and making myself cry each go around
  19. Okay but I actually love Louie Bag? October Sky is quite anthemic but still draining so it's a nice bit of levity after.

    The whole album is excellent but she really saved the best for the final two tracks. I don't even know if devastating is the right word for Paranoia Purple? The anticipation feels humanizing in a really cathartic way, even with the undercurrent of grief.
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