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Yebba - Dawn

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by TRAVVV, Nov 2, 2017.

  1. I wish I could articulate what I see when I hear “Paranoia Purple”. It’s so vivid in my mind. The song has this otherworldly energy and seems to be Yebba’s mother’s thoughts as she’s… essentially crossing over into a new plane. The sounds and layers capture this journey (or what I imagine it to be) so perfectly. I have never heard anything like it. And the song ends by turning to Yebba’s own thoughts in the midst of her very raw grief. It gives me chills.

    She really knocked the whole album out of the park and I’m going to continue shouting at everyone to listen.
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  2. That was so beautiful!

    It's heart-wrenching, yet fills you with peace. It's the sound of someone accepting death, and letting all of those emotions wash all over you like sea waves. It's one of the most beautiful, emotional songs I've ever heard about this, just hearing you guys talking about it gives me a lump in my throat.
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  3. Y’all got me back on this album tonight and what a wallop it is. October Sky exists in a very limited pantheon of songs that feel like my own diary entries in the most terrifying ordeal of being known way possible. Her vocals are just astronomical. I’ll admit to perusing her Wikipedia in my stanning and discovering the influence of the Clark Sisters and now she has me stanning a gospel group!
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  4. I completely missed this! It's stunning. Paranoia Purple had me in tears.
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  5. Definitely Album of the year top 5, maybe Top 3.
  6. R92


    Yeah, this is pretty easily my album of the year at this point. I want to be able to leave a long, articulate review in here at some point as this album wholly deserves (or hey PJ Advent Calendar 2021), but just… wow. She’s everything.
  7. I think I like this more than the album version?

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  8. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    I was just watching her Tiny Desk set for the 500th time yesterday and wishing we had more live performances to sink our teeth into. Hopefully there's more coming!
  9. RCA isn’t pushing her nearly enough. It’s bothering me a bit. But maybe this is how she likes it? I just want her to be huge and have way more recognition beyond “My Mind”
  10. I think they're just waiting for her to happen organically? (I hate to bring her up again but) Adele had Someone Like You, SNL, those steps that made her what she is in the USA I hope Yebba gets her versions of these soon.
  11. Finally (finally) taking the dive on this album and just from the first track I can already tell I'm going to love it.
  12. Prepare for an emotional ride. Get the tissues ready!
  13. The voicemail at the end of Paranoia Purple.........that shit hurted.

    I just got done listening so it's hard for me to be fully articulate but this is one of the most fully realized debuts I've heard in a long, long time. The production is exquisite, not a second is wasted, and good lord her vocals! I'm getting shades of Lianne La Havas, Niia, and yes, Adele, but Yebba is also entirely her own in terms of voice - her tone is so warm and I love how smoothly she goes from hushed falsetto to those huge notes.

    tl;dr the album is great, am fan now
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  14. This is easily top 3 of the year for me-- it's so immaculate and only grows with repeat listens. My only tiny quibble is that 'Where Do You Go' and 'The Past and the Pending' didn't end up making the cut as initially planned, and they flesh out the folky side of the album that serves such a sharp, interesting tonal contrast to the R&B influences. I've added them back; the former goes perfectly after 'All I Ever Wanted' and the latter is a beautiful epilogue to 'October Sky.' I struggle to see how 'Paranoia Purple' won't be a career highlight, no matter what she releases next.

    Also- I really want her to release/someone to HQ rip the TinyDesk concert; the songs really come to life in a live setting (as does her voice). Hope she does some kind of tour!
  15. Her "Boomerang" performance is currently going viral on Twitter

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  16. Why do I suddenly want a Kelly Clarkson/Yebba collaboration though.
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  17. Boomerang is the best song of all time that is also The White Lotus theme song.
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  18. I gave the video a watch based on your initial stanning and immediately stanned alongside after watching so I can only hope this leads to bigger things! A best new artist nod???

    also her team getting it on Spotify was smart and reminded me I want make my own deluxe Dawn cause some of her orphaned singles and features are amazing
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  19. This is one of the most masterful and honest sounding records in some time, and it will bother me to no end that there's no physical release.
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  20. Yeah, I'm upset about this. There was a CD release planned for Japan (of course) but it was ultimately cancelled.
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