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Yebba - Dawn

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by TRAVVV, Nov 2, 2017.

  1. RCA, we're gonna need that obi strip bonus track compact disc fantasia to be uncancelled, thank-YOU.
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  2. If this album doesn't make her a Grammy darling a la H.E.R. I'm gonna be mad.
  3. She was nominated for "Distance" last year, and I think she also has a win for her PJ Morton collab. So I'm hopeful she stays on their radar. As much as the Grammys are trash, they do raise your profile if you're in the main categories.

    On that note, I'm annoyed Pitchfork or Anthony Fantano didn't review this, because that type of stuff also helps with raising your profile.
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  4. I would physically fight someone for a vinyl.
  5. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    I can't remember where I read it from or who said it (maybe a manager or a label exec), but someone on her team was saying in an article how Dawn was her 19 and the next album would be her 21. Which I immediately felt iffy about because it's never as simple as that, not to mention that Adele had to set a foundation for 19 in order for 21 to do what it did.

    I bring this up because now I'm wondering if they're saving the push for the next album, and they're just letting this one do whatever it can on its own because it's been sitting on the backburner for so long. Either way, I feel like it should be so easy for her to book SNL or even Stephen Colbert. Just something to get the ball rolling.
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  6. Yeah, I think it was her manager in a Billboard interview. They really should be booking at least a couple TV slots for her - it would do wonders.
  7. Given how much she’s crushed every live performance, I could really see her blowing up an SNL or late night slot. Her voice is a miracle! Forced my friends to listen to play Dawn at brunch today and we listened at least 3 times frontvto back without any complaints. People love this music, it just needs to reach them!
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  8. It is a simply stunning album and Yebba is a unique talent, I really hope popjustice is served, I couldn't bear this incredible voice slipping through the cracks.
  9. Louie Bag is very much
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  10. Fuck it if Paranoia Purple didn’t get me again today. I still can’t figure it out just crushed me. Her delivery with that simple straightforward lyric conveys what I wish I could explain about losing someone to suicide. You never stop trying to figure it out or stop missing that person. I need this album on vinyl
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  11. This is like an Annie Lennox Acid Trip
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  12. Thanks again to @RainOnFire who posted about Yebba in the PJ Forum Readers' Poll thread. I watched the live Boomerang video and was captivated. I've now listened to the whole album a few times and the live video of October Sky and the Tiny Desk concert. I'm loving her raw talent, what a voice.
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  14. I somehow missed this release, and while I've always been impressed by her vocal talent, none of her stand-alone singles have really gripped me. But I've been listening to this this album a couple of times now and the whole thing i just absolutely stunning. I'm obsessed.
  15. She's nuts.
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  16. Get her to do Adele's weekends!
  17. This never clicked for me or my fiancé (who is a Yebba mega fan!)
  18. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

  19. Not sure if I'm ready for "Paranoia Purple - Live at Electric Lady"...
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