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YEBBA - Where Do You Go? (2019)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by TRAVVV, Nov 2, 2017.

  1. New soulful bop from newcomer YEBBA. You'll be hearing a lot about her this year. She's the only feature on the new Sam Smith (sorry gals) album - and also performed with Chance The Rapper on SNL. Get into it:

    Apparently the song is about her mother's suicide.

    Tagging a few pals who might enjoy: @lushLuck @Mr.Arroz @imperialsteroid @Vasilios
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    2014 Staff Member

    After her triumphant feature on Mark Ronson's Don't Leave Me Lonely, YEBBA has released a new song

    She performed it on Jools Holland's return too

    I looooooooove her voice, Adele watch out!
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  3. I’ve been waiting for this. So excited the time is finally here
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  4. This is gorgeous. Sounds like a summer morning
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  5. Her voice is so beautiful and warm. It’s like she’s right next to you. I love those harmonies in the chorus.

    Love the track and I’m excited to see where she’s going to take the album.
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  6. R92


    God, how is she just... so good?
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  7. This is so stunning.
  8. This is gorgeous, very Minnie Ripperton, Anita Baker. Her voice completely soars in this.
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  9. Anybody else get Zero 7 vibes? Instantly loved this.
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    This is completely lush.
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