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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by coveredinpunk, Dec 13, 2007.

  1. I LOVE them but I feel like melodies have been non-existent in all the songs they have released after Complètement fou (apart from a few bits of Roméo and Interpassion) and Karaté isn't improving it...
  2. I just want to add that Karaté is a serve. Not what I was expecting from a Yelle song in 2020 but really like it.
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  3. Je T’Aime Encore is full of melodies.
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  4. I love this.
  5. That guy's really hot.
  6. The album is great!
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  7. Just finished my first listen though (it is quite a short album) and it's great! Sonically a lot less camp than their usual style, it feels a little more sombre, a bit darker overall. But there are still bops a plenty! "Noir" in particular was a standout, as well as the spoken word "Mon beau chagrin"
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  8. “Noir” is exactly how I like my Yelle.
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  9. I love the band and won't miss their next gig (whenever that happens) in Madrid but well, I haven't liked much of their output since their last album (which I loved) and this is no exception. I only like J'veux un chien here, to be honest.
  10. The last minute of J'veux Un Chien is my favourite part of the album. The intensity, the synths, amazing.
  11. J’veux un chien est incroyable
  12. This album is honestly full of bangers, its all still growing on me but I love the dark vibe and experimentation after the hyper glossy campaign of their last album. Ive liked to love everything on here.

    Im going to enjoy uncovering more, but ‘Emancipense’ starts everything off so right.
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  13. Ooh Madrid. Let's go together haha.
  14. loving the album
  15. Best track wins.

  16. The new album is fantastic.

    My current favorites are: "Je t'aime encore", "Menu du Jour", "Noir", "Peine de Mort" and "Un million".

    The lyrics are fantastic, as always with Yelle. I just love the way she writes.
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  17. obsessed
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  18. The album is so good.
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