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Yellowjackets (Showtime) - Juliette Lewis, Christina Ricci

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by 4Roses, Aug 25, 2021.

  1. Should have known this episode wasn't going to mess around from when she dived into the pool...
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  2. Edu


  3. We need to talk theories

    Is Jackie the girl they... ate? I read an interesting theory that Javi is Adam.
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  4. at the moment I think that’s what we’re lead to believe due to her not being around in 2021 and the necklace being shown but wouldn’t be surprised at a misdirect.
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  5. Yeah I wouldn't be surprised if it's a misdirect since it's so obvious and also the girl had darker hair than Jackie. Ugh, this show is so much fun to speculate about!
    Lottie predicted this too, didn't she?

    Also, Misty is ICONIC.
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    Just started this and no one told me it was about Jersey girls.
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  8. I’m only 3 episodes in so I haven’t read beyond page 1 of this thread, but this isn’t something secret/surprise Lost sequel/prequel is it?
  9. If you mean directly related to Lost, no. It does have a lot of mystery elements, though.
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  10. I just binged watched this and it is so good! Love all the actresses in it. Christina Ricci’s character is hilarious. It’s all so interesting.
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  11. WTH is Juliette doing during the panel?
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  12. I hope Juliette doesn’t leave the show. She seemed genuinely pissed.
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  13. Yeah she seems like she actually hates the arc of her character and maybe they told her something different originally to what it was going to be. She also acknowledges how good the show is though so thats good I guess...
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  14. This show is so powerful, just..


    Misty would have Annie Wilkes shook, what a moment Christina Ricci is having with her.
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  15. Unless they decide to pull a twist Jackie was the one who died in the grisly opening flash forward (the focus on the necklace to telegraph it was her early on, plus the only confirmed member of the team to definitely not make it back).

    The point being we are building up to how the captain of the squad who provided the team spirit, and whose BFF is there with her, would be so ruthlessly hunted down, killed and eaten and who exactly did it (we only know Misty was there for sure).

    We are already seeing the cracks forming between Jackie and the rest of the girls with her being increasingly isolated from the team, unable to adapt to survival living and treating the dynamics like she would back at school, with Mari and others increasingly pissed at her for not pitching in around the camp, Shauna bonding with Taissa after the unspoken betrayal started pulling them apart and now Natalie is pissed with her uncontrolled playground gossiping. Hell, they are even throwing red herrings in with Van for abandoning her after the crash.

    I feel sad for Jackie, she’s charismatic, funny and warm while being unable to control the feminine urge to bitch, gossip and not to want to be stuck in a cabin the woods. Relatable but also you can see why the group turn on her a mile away. I have more sympathy for her than teenage Shauna. Not that I dislike any of the characters really.

    Also I clocked who Adam was pretty early on, not that I know for sure as I’ve haven’t read spoilers / theories, but they have been signposting it with neon lights for a while now and I’m just looking at the clock waiting for Shauna to hurry up and find out; the question is more why they are doing what they are doing, especially in regards to Travis’ murder which I’m assuming he is also a part of unless the blackmailer and the killer are two different people.

    Knowing how much fun they are having adding as many elements to the plot as possible I wouldn’t be surprised.
  16. Subwaykid

    Subwaykid Staff Member

    I’m just noticing Misty buried Coach Scott’s leg and wrote a tombstone for it nn.
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  17. I can't believe Van survived and they stiched her up, I can't believe Misty snorted all that coke, I can't believe they got the plane to take off (I can believe what happened after), I can't believe the show is making me feel sorry for Jackie in light of her meddling, I can't believe how great this show is.
    They must have planned for it to take off, as it we don't have the time to get barely any resolution in these last two episodes.
  18. the creators said they have 5 seasons planned out for the show.
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  19. Feed it to me now
  20. BTG


    There’s no way Jackie is the opening kill. She’s 100% giving that necklace to someone else. Probably to have a dig at Shauna.
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