Yellowjackets (Showtime)

The first episode was put up early on Showtime on Hulu - I watched it last weekend. I think I need to watch it back again as there's a lot of jumping back between past and present and I wasn't paying 100% attention, which I'm thinking with this show you really have to be. But I'm definitely intrigued by the plot even though I have no idea what the fuck is going on.
This show is pretty crazy, I'm obsessed.

Christina and Juliette are the iconic duo we never knew we needed. Christina's quirky soothing voice and Juliette's deadpan delivery with those distinct facial expression of hers. I LIVE for it. I could watch a whole show just with these two. Misty is so delightfully nuts.

The present versions and their younger counterparts are equally fascinating. Such great casting. I'm very curious what's going to happen to the girl who is running out of antipsychotics. I have a feeling it's going to get eerie and shit's going down in those woods regardless.

I'm really enjoying this. Plus, that soundtrack!
DAMN, that "little pep talk" Shauna gave Callie was the ultimate burn. Wish I could quote the whole thing, but it was basically a paragraph.

Melanie Lynskey's character is finally standing out among the cast. Christina and Juliette are just such a force that it's not easy to compete with them. Same goes for Tawny Cypress' character. She's also grown on me.

Poor Travis. It's absolutely tragic. Whoever is going after these women are effed up. I'm so curious about the conclusion, but I read the show runners already planned multiple seasons which I don't object to at all.

But please, quality over quantity. It's key in this day and age of golden television.
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I can't get enough of it. The supernatural aspects are making me concerned, but I legitimately have no clue where it's headed & can't wait to find out. I'm already dreading what happens to the girls who clearly... do not make it.
Yes! The suspense in how the girls will die is sending me. I wonder what will happen to Jackie, who is truly awful. I also wonder if the Coach's response to Misty was more for protection of her trying to kill him rather than reciprocation!? I don't want it to go down that route; but this show is clearly not afraid to do the unthinkable.
This is such a cliched thing to say but this is seriously giving me Lost vibes in the way I have no idea what's happening and I need to know everything. The '90s soundtrack has also been on point. I hope they can wrap this up in 2 seasons though, I can't deal with 5 seasons of this.
They pitched the show to HBO first with a plan of FIVE seasons. Yeah, although I never watched Lost, I do not want this getting dragged out to the extent as that one did.
About to watch episode 6. Bring on the CRAZY. The overall chemistry between both generations is at its peak.


The last couple of episodes, but especially in this one, I was SO impressed by the actress who plays younger Natalie. She's got Juliette Lewis' mannerisms down pat and even nails her voice. Just bravo. Nat is the most fascinating character in this show anyway (well between her and Misty really, but you catch my drift.) I swear to god if something happens to her. Like having Misty kill her or some stupid shit like that. I will riot. We know she's absolutely insane judging by the ending.

I'm also worried about Lottie. Poor thing. Can't believe how she's able to cope with all of this without taking her antipsychotics. She's gonna be one to watch that's all I'll say. That blonde girl with her the Holy Spirit antics needs to be real careful...

There is also something deeply wrong with adult Taissa. That scene at the end... what the hell.

This is the best lead TV show with a female ensemble since Big Little Lies (season 1 only)
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This show is incredible. I watched the first episode last night and stayed up until 2 AM watching more because I couldn’t stop.