Yellowjackets (Showtime)

That’s odd, I could’ve sworn there was comments about working in “harsh conditions”? Based on the trailer it looks decent, I didn’t even realise.
Well I'm guessing Mari and Ben aren't making it dd.

Was Javi's fate ever confirmed? The end of the last season is so hazy, did they find him?
Just finished watching it last night. Have to say I didn’t love it. The performances were great but I wish it hadn’t all been leading up to that final scene. I don’t know. I would recommend it but as I say, I wasn’t wowed.
It's back finally! For some reason I thought it would be Sunday but I saw some recap on youtube and realized it was today. I will dive in this afternoon.
Yeah I have Paramount Plus thankfully, but the show is really going to struggle to catch attention in Ireland and the UK moving to that platform, which is a shame.

I hate recommending a show to people that I know most people won’t be about to access without having to properly seek it out.
I am only like 15mins in so will formulate more feelings at some point but JACKIE! FROZEN JACKIE! OH MY GOD