Yellowjackets (Showtime)

Poor Jackie!!!! Like, a truly tragic lonely way for someone to go.

I literally cannot wait for Season 2, so many mysteries left, and the characters are so engrossing.

Who the fuck is Lottie Matthews indeed, the villain hiding in plain sight.
I think I have to rewatch this, I seriously have no idea what’s gone on. Am I just not getting it??
I feel the same. I didn’t pick up on half of the things being discussed in this thread.

I really enjoyed it but I’m very confused.

I hope it manages to not go to Lost levels of supernatural. But the teddy bear, the real bear and the way they’re trapped does feel supernatural.
The finale was everything.

I was genuinely gutted by Jackie’s death. I’m shocked that they killed her so early and yet in retrospect, I don’t see how they could descend into cannibalism with her around. She needed to die.

I don’t have a clue what’s ahead but they’ll have eaten their first survivor by the end of season two surely?
Just finished the season.

Lottie managing to create a cult in present-day Jersey is… a bit of a stretch for the show to take nn
I just finished the finale. The first half of the season was a bit slow but good enough for me to keep watching, although I only watched about 1 or 2 episodes a week. Things really picked up in the latter half though and I binged that in a few days. The last 2-3 episodes were amazing so I can’t wait for next season now.

However, I echo the sentiment that Jackie’s death was very saddening. I hate Shauna ddd. I mean the character is interesting but I haven’t found any redeeming qualities in her and I have a hard time empathizing with her. Meanwhile Jackie was my favorite teen character other than Nat (and Ella Purnell is so charismatic.) Although she may have been a bit narcissistic, she was generally harmless. I think she was genuinely a true friend to Shauna while Shauna was jealous and duplicitous. But at least Shauna will forever live with that guilt.

Also Christina Ricci as unhinged, adult Misty is one of the absolute highlights of the show. She’s just so perfect for the role and injects humor into it so effortlessly.
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God I find the dynamic between Shauna and Jackie just absolutely fascinating and complex. There really is just something about female friendships, especially around teenage years, that makes for such great stories. Does she want to be her? Does she like her? Does she love her? Does she want to consume her? The fact that ultimately at the end, Shauna is literally living the life Jackie-peaking-in-highschool-becoming-an-housewife would have had, and this out of (seemingly) pure guilt (and probably due to various other identity issues emerging from Jackie not being there to tell her what or how to be)... Like there are layers to this shit!!

Speaking of Jackie, I don't really buy into the whole "Jackie is self-absorbed" narrative that they tended to push. Well, I mean, she is to a degree, but not any more than any other teenage girls (both in general, and within the group here). There are lots of instances where we see Jackie acting out of selflessness, mostly regarding Shauna, but there are moments with the other girls too.

Her death feels so impactful, storytelling-wise, because throughout the entire run of the show, they made quite a big deal to depict Jackie as the pillar of society and highschool norms. She's the pretty and popular influential American girl. Throughout the episodes, she's the only one that seems to ground the group into stereotypical highschool tropes such as playground gossips, "parties" and "(homecoming) dances" and boys drama, but she's also shown to be the one who doesn't learn (nor wants to) how to live in the wilderness even after it's been months. So it does feel like she (at least her death) works as the catalyst for the group sinking into madness and cannibalism. Those societal norms are well gone. Because although Jackie had very little influence left (a great contrast to episode 1), there are lots of subtext about how obviously she once was an influential leader of sort (and how that is sort of held against her too, which I find fascinating). And with Taissa herself obviously losing some of the group's respect after her failed excursion deeper into the wilds, it just makes perfect sense for Lottie to rise to the tops of the ranks as the most influential person in the group. It's a very small thing, but when Shauna and Jackie were fighting, and Coach Ben tried to intervene, Lottie immediately shut him off - which is obviously a pretty big red flag as to how the power dynamics will change very soon. Speaking of the coach... In light of what I just said, I reckon he's next?
Jackie was my favorite character and i loved what they did with her character. She was more than a self obsessed high school darling, she also represented their human side, morals etc. With her and Laura Lee gone, the group is open for Lottie's (and the woods if something supernatural is indeed going on) influences.

I also think Ben is next, probably Misty is gonna off him for revenge. And with him also gone, there are no moral compass left and shit will go down dark quite fast.
Just finished this and phew, what a show. I think it balanced the different genres it played with incredibly well, and the slow build up to Lottie being revealed as the antagonist (for lack of a better term) was amazing. I can’t wait to see who will be cast as her adult counterpart.

I didn’t have much of an issue with the pacing, as I think it’s important they don’t go too hard too fast, but I hope there’s a plan in place so the story has a concrete ending to build to. I’d hate for a show this good to lose momentum or go off the rails. Also, I’m hoping there are one or two more survivors out there for a few more fun reveals down the line.
I hope they start filming soon if they haven't already. Hope we don't have to wait years like some shows although I guess this being weekly will help with that.
I finished this last week and overall I enjoyed it but some of it was so fucking stupid and some decisions the writers made really made me question carrying on. Killing Adam seemed to finish a story literally dead that had so much potential, then killing Jackie in the finale one of the most interesting characters?!