You are released - The Agnes Discography Rate (Finished)

Limelight for a few dozen tries, after it randomly worked the second time I clicked the link. I had to rate it off that one listen, which I try not to do but needed to submit tonight or I was gonna miss the deadline. Then the Christmas duet but I found a way to hear (unfortunately).

Territory restrictions continue to boggle the mind. You can stream Limelight on Spotify in the USA, but can't watch the audio upload on YouTube. *shakes fist at Internet*

Anyway here is another YouTube version of Limelight in case anyone needs it:

And for the duet:
Meanwhile, in The Idol Journey Of Agnes, we have reached the final week.

Agnes and Sebastian both performed three songs in the final -- a song they chose for themselves, a song the viewers chose for them, and the winner's single.

For herself, Agnes chose "This Is It," first by Melba Moore and later by Dannii Minogue:

The voters brought Agnes back to week 1, selecting her performance of Jennifer Brown's "My Everything" as their choice:

And finally, the winner's song.

For comparison, here was Sebastian's version:

When the votes (over a million) were counted and verified, Agnes was your Idol winner, with 57% of the public vote. This is one of many reasons why we are doing an Agnes rate and not a Sebastian Karlsson rate.
Don't cry for Sebastian Karlsson (please sing to the tune of Evita).
His first album release, a self-titled collection, reached #1 on the Swedish album chart, and his post-Idol debut single, "Do What You're Told," topped the singles chart:

Sebastian would have two further top 3 singles, including his entry for Melodifestivalen 2007, "When The Night Comes Falling":

He earned 8th place in the final.
He returned to the Melodifestivalen stage in 2011 with "No One Else Could":

Sadly he did not progress from his heat, coming in 5th place. Also this song is a little too Jesusy for me.
We have not heard much from him since -- an album here, an EP there. Come back Sebastian!
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An announcement follows:


Following discussions with twenty seven officials (well, @WowWowWowWow and @RainOnFire )

An extension has been requested and granted. The new deadline will be 2019-08-15, at 00:00 CEST. This is designed to allow you all to find the best possible solution.

Please do not waste this time.
As we enter the last two weeks of the rate, please join me for a

@WowWowWowWow Agnes Flashback

In October of 2009, I heard one of the most exciting pieces of news I'd heard in a while. Our beloved Agnes Carlsson ... Sweden's successful Idol ... was coming to my city. Uhhhhhhh.... WHAT?

Agnes was out for revenge after Sweden rudely denied her the chance to represent her country at Eurovision 2009 in Moscow. ("La Voix" came 21st place. Serves you right!) She found it in the form of crashing the charts around the world with "Release Me." In June 2009, the song reached #3 on the UK Singles chart, and a few months later, she hit #1 on the Billboard Dance/Club Play chart in the USA.

Agnes' people decided that a good way to capitalize on her success was ... to send her on a half-week tour of gay bars in New York City and Boston. Only an Icon!

I cased the joint to find the performance stage, and once I figured out where the lady of the evening (...not that kind) would be singing, I full-on planted myself in prime position. When she reached out into the crowd to give handshakes, my grubby paw would be ready to reciprocate.

With only moments to go until Agnes took the stage, SOME BIDDY with an Amstel Light decided to literally one ass-cheek herself in front of me. I was utterly horrified. How was I going to tell Agnes that I was the person in the room who most appreciated her being there? That I was the person who would (a decade later) help @Empty Shoebox run a discography rate spanning the ~15 years of her career?? That she would realize that she needed an American best friend and that person was me???

At this point, I gave my phone to the friend I had dragged out that evening (who could not have possibly cared less about Agnes, or the song, or anything that was happening) and instructed him: "Just take as many pictures as you can. I will be over here losing my shit, please do not distract me." Fortunately for me, Agnes was as interchangeable to him as any other dance diva of the era, so his evening was not ruined by being my errand boy.

The lights dimmed and the strings started playing... and Agnes entered. The crowd went wild. I screamed like someone was trying to murder me. Agnes told us that it was perfectly clear that love was not what we needed, that she didn't recognize what she had turned into, and that she was not in control, so we should let her go.

She gave us a perfect THAT I'M BETTER OFF WITHOUTCHU!!! and finished the song to a thunderous roar of applause. She said "Thank you!" and


Wait, what? Since when are concerts one song long? You mean there's no chance for a duet version of "Love Me Senseless"?! What the heck!

I left the club thrilled that I had been in the presence of Agnes, but devastated that it was for such a short period of time.

It was only later that I looked at the photos my friend took for me.






Yeah, that about sums up the night.

As I have yet to be in the same place as Agnes since that evening, there will be no additional @WowWowWowWow Agnes Flashbacks. But thank you for following along on this one.
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Did anyone else, who knew nothing of Agnes first think "Leona Lewis is going really poppy with her next song and what a victory lap!" before realising it was Agnes? The tone in their voice share some similarity to me and they both sound wonderful!
ddd my mother thought they looked identical and I was like "mum, where?" But she's notorious for confusing singers, so that's not saying much.
So as promised, it's time for more Other People Who Won Idol.

We start in 2010 with Jay Smith, or Jay John Christopher Smith as he's known to his mother.

He was the singer in a rock group called Von Benzo, both before and after Idol. Anyway, here's his winning song, 'Dreaming People'. I shall describe it as quite Brian Adams-y, to ensure that no-one will click on it.

Yes it reached #1, and the album too.

Who did they beat that we know?
Linnea Henriksson and Andreas Weise

Where are they now?
Still singing solo, with more sort of country stylings. Eww.

Idol 2011's winner was Amanda Fondell.

Her winning single was less boring than usual, but still unspectacular. Here's 'All This Way'.

Her début album with the same title followed, charting at #1. A couple of album tracks made it to the chart based on streams and stuff, but her next serious release was a Melodifestivalen entry, forever endearing her to both @WowWowWowWow and I. Unfortunately that song didn't qualify due to a bit of a dodgy live vocal and crappy staging. It wasn't even the best non-qualifier from that semi. That was Janet Leon. (I'm not posting the song here because of embed limits)

Amanda followed with an album called 'Because I Am', which didn't chart. None of the songs charted either.

Who did they beat that we know?
Robin Stjernberg and Molly Pettersson Hammar (who I quite like)

Where are they now?
Steadily releasing singles on Spotify, apart from a short hiatus between 2014 and 2017. Her most recent is a cover of Blondie's Heart of Glass. Nothing has charted since 2013 though.

Idol did not take place in 2012 because TV4 wanted to try The Voice and the X-Factor. Both were crap so they were binned after a single season. At least they gave us Sabina Ddumba, Mary N'diaye and Oscar Zia.

2013 gave us Kevin Walker, who is a footballman.

His single was called 'Belong'

I've heard worse you know. I've also heard a lot better.
Kevin's song only managed #8 in the charts. That's the lowest yet. His début album, 'Belong' reached #2. He hasn't released any more.

Who did they beat that we know?
Erik Rapp (Junior Eurovision 2011). That's it I think. Unless one of Dolly Style was in there.

Where are they now?
Back playing the footballs. He's currently playing for Djurgårdens IF in Stockholm, in the first division.

And to finish off this section, we move on to 2014, when Lisa Ajax won. We like her.

She won Idol at the age of sixteen but her winning song, 'Unbelievable', only made it to #14. The album of the same title did reach #2, but I'm not sure if that's consolation.
Again, the song is not awful, but it's not brilliant. Tell you what, let's skip it and talk about our actual favourite television programme, Melodifestivalen. Lisa entered in 2016 with 'My Heart Wants Me Dead'. It went direct to the final, before Christer decided he didn't like it, so she got the second spot in the running order, and was done dirty by both the juries and the public, resulting in seventh place overall. Frans Jeppson Wall won that year, and Melodifestivalen has yet to recover from that embarrassment.

Lisa returned in 2017 with "I Don't Give A", with even worse staging.

This time she finished third in the semifinal, behind Mariette and Benjamin Ingrosso's hairy arms. She fought her way through Andra Chansen, defeating Axel Schylström, only to get Björkman'd again, with position three in the running order. This time she finished ninth, with the lowest number of televotes. Yes, fewer than Owe Thörnqvist, 'Every time you bake I wanna eat cake' and Anton bloody Hagman.

Who did they beat that we know?
Mikaela Samuelsson, who was definitely in Dolly Style, and might very well still be.

Where are they now?
Lisa competed in Melodifestivalen 2019, and was placed in semi 4 with Christer's choice John Lundvik, Anton Hagman again (bet you all forgot he was in Melfest this year), Pagan Fury and Paradox Interactive, Arvin-bloody-garna, Ann Louise Hanson and a literal child with no talent (not to be confused with the literal child with talent. She was in semi 2).

Naturally the general public gave most votes to the child and Lisa had to go through Andra Chansen, but at least she defeated Martin Stenmarck. The song, 'Torn' was picked in, would you believe it, slot two. So of course it died a death with the televote and finished ninth, even behind Nano.

Since then, she has released a bop titled 'I like', which I will post below as it will provide a decent end to this post.

Join us later to find out which untalented men won between 2015 and 2018!