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Now it is time to conclude Other People Who Won Idol. I can tell you're all absolutely thrilled.

2015 brought us Martin Almgren. He is from Örebro. His winning single and album were called "Can't hold me down". He only reached #19 in the singles chart, so clearly they could?


Who did they beat that we know?
Axel Schylström (Melodifestivalen 2017) and Amanda Winberg AKA Amwin.
Well, I know who she is. Shut up and listen to this.

Where are they now?
In witness protection presumably after a dreadful Melodifestivalen 2018 entry. I'll let @KamikazeHeart describe it:
Martin Almgren being described by Aftonbladet as...

"Imagine Takida marrying Mumford & Sons marrying U2 and celebrating their wedding at a football stadium."


Idol 2016 was won by Per Liam Pablito Cacatian Thomassen, or Liam Ooh! as he calls himself (spells it LIAMOO but I imagine it being said in a very camp Kenneth Williams way). He is from Lidköping, which is way too far west for a Stockhomo like me to comprehend.

His winning song was called 'Playing with Fire', thankfully not a cover of Romania's 2010 Eurovision song.

It reached #4 on the singles chart, but does not seem to have spawned an album.

Who did they beat that we know?
Renaida (Förlåt! Jag hör ingenting!), Charlie Grönvall (yes, son of) and Rebecka Karlsson (Melodifestivalen 2019)

Where are they now?
Still very much active with a 2019 Melodifestivalen third place and a recent single released in July called 'Broken Hearted'.

2017's winner, Chris Kläfford, is like Martin Almgren in that both are from Örebro, and both have shitty facial hair.
His winning song and EP (no album this time) were called 'Treading Water'.

#3 on both the single and album charts.

Who did they beat that we know?
Hanna Ferm (Melodifestivalen 2019 with Liam Achoo!)

Where are they now?
Still trying to chart with another song. His most recent release was titled 'If Not with You, for You' and was released in May 2019.

And finally, Idol 2018 (Idol 2019 will start properly in September, and I don't watch it) was won by Sebastian Walldén, from Göteborg.

I don't know much about him, but he did choose to sing a Sam Smith song on Idol. Just throwing that out there.

This song, 'Everything' reached #27 on the singles chart. Poor him.

Who did they beat that we know?

Where are they now?
No idea. Maybe @KamikazeHeart has seen him on the Spårvagn, or the Grindr.

So there you have it folks. Do any of those winners come close to Agnes Carlsson?
Lemme fill in on some of those.

LIAMOO - has the single worst written entry on Swedish Wikipedia - probably written by a 12-year old stan.

Direct translation of "Bakgrund och uppväxt" (Background and childhood):

"Liam has roots in Sweden, Norway, Finland and the Philippines. However he's only fluent in English and Swedish.

Liam grew up bullied in school, he had no friends and he felt lonely when he didn't have anyone to spend recess with. While all the other guys in school played football Liam was interested in his drawing book.

He dropped out of high school in his first year. Liam had a lot of issues getting along with the teachers. It was like this for him: "I'm your teacher, you're only supposed to listen", he says. No one understood his vision. He says he didn't need school. He learned what he needed from "the streets, reality, music and people". He still doesn't have a lot of friends to hang out, he's happy with who he is."

Chris Kläfford - it's bad news.

He's trying to pull a Saara Aalto and replicated his Imagine-performance verbatim for... America's Got Talent. Apparently he's in the top 36... CANCEL HIM AMERICA.

Sebastian Walldén - well well well

His first single was a bit tropical, ie shit, but he's gay and he likes pop music so I'd guess we'll be seeing him in Melodifestivalen soon enough.

And I have a friend who's slept with him, so there's that I guess.
I have listened to my 11 quite a few times since voting, and dare I say anything less than Top 3 here will be a crime - yes, despite this fantastic overall discography! It is transcendent!