You are released - The Agnes Discography Rate (Finished)

The fun continues.


Alla vet (Petter feat. Agnes)
Average: 4.36
High scores: 9.9 x 1 (@berserkboi); 8 x 1 (@Reboot)
Low scores: 0 x 2 (@CasuallyCrazed, @Verandi)

Time to say goodbye to the song that I suggested to @Empty Shoebox that we include in the rate so that we had a nice round number of 60 on the songlist. And then literally the next day, “Tough Love” was released. And then three days before the rate kicked off, “Limelight” and “I Trance” dropped. And we also had missed the song from the Idol compilation. Well, so much for a nice round number.

Since this is the Agnes rate, I shan’t spend too much time talking about Petter Alexis Askergren, though I shall mention a few things.

In the two decades since he won three Swedish Grammis (for Best Newcomer, Best Male Artist, and Best Lyricist), he’s racked up more than 20 top 40 singles in Sweden. If you want to explore Swedish hip-hop, he’s probably one of your OGs. He’s also a true renaissance man--he studied art history at Uppsala University, he opened a hamburger restaurant, he has his own line of wine, and he loves competing in combination swimming/running tournaments.

But I’m guessing this forum really doesn’t care one lick about any of that, because in the course of less than 3 minutes, Petter helped one of our favorite pop stars launch her career into the next stratosphere.

Indeed, when Petra Marklund put her September-spin on Petter’s cocksure rap anthem “Mikrofonkåt” during series 1 of “Så mycket bättre,” she found herself atop the Swedish singles chart for the first time. And the second time. And the third time. In all, “Mikrofonkåt” spent ELEVEN WEEKS at #1, and a further month-and-a-half in the top 10.

Another collaboration with Petter brought Petra her third highest-charting hit. Enjoy “Baksmälla,” if you haven’t:

(I’m not going to talk about “Me & My Microphone.”)

I write all of this to hopefully temper your disappointment that you had to sit through one of his songs. And also because I needed to fill this post with content, as the only thing I could find online about “Alla vet” was an interview Petter gave to Aftonbladet, where he said that having Agnes on the refrain “felt powerful.”

In retrospect, the simple two-word commentary probably would have been better.

@DJHazey (1): “Oh rap now with Agnes tossing a tiny little featured vocal. I guess something has to come in last or near it. Actually this reminds me of how random that “Wonderman” song was when I heard it for the first time in the Ellie Goulding Rate’s extra section. However that is a 10 and a messy fav of mine, this is far from.” Well that’s strange, I simply have no idea what you’re talking about.



@iheartpoptarts (1): “I think we’ve found the first song out.” So close!! But I can totally understand how one might predict Swedish man-rap to be the least enjoyed by this crowd.

@berserkboi (9.9): “This is actually quite an amazing song, Petter’s voice and tone remind me of the ‘rapper’ from Linkin Park – which gives Agnes’ soft harmonies a perfect counterpart!” One thing, I don’t know why, it doesn’t even matter how hard I try, Sweden refuses to make me their ambassador. Sad!

@abael (3): “When the rapping started, I thought ‘Agnes better kill this’. She didn’t.” What she did kill was our chance at having a male-vocal win this rate. Well actually, that is not quite true. Maybe the live duet with Erik Hassle will win. Snort.

@danmharrow (4): “The title put Oscar Enestad - I Love It.mp3 in my head. Then came Christine/Malena singing operatic ‘Singel’. It’s decent but Agnes’ part needs more power.” Thank you for reminding me of one of the very few highlights of Melodifestivalen 2010.

To quote @A&E, Jag lyssnar på HYP'OP och RÖDMEN BLØØØZ, precis som vanligt folk gör. INGET KONSTIGT ALLS.

@CasuallyCrazed (0): “I hate this. I don’t understand how she could sign off on this…” There’s always a chance this was one of those Martha Wash/Black Box/C&C Music Factory things where they took her vocals from somewhere else and added them without her permission? Stranger things have happened? (Like the rap song not being the first one out?)​
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Just to be clear - I never thought the rapper from Linkin Park was a nobody - I just didn't know/remember his name at that moment I wrote commentary. Seriously - would I be giving a 9.9 while praising the greatness of the tone with a nobody shade? (I guess you're right, with me it is possible ddddd)

I also love Where'd You Go by this excellent man - outside Linkin Park :)