You are released - The Agnes Discography Rate (Finished)

I only know Release Me.... Is the rest of her stuff as strong as that? If so, let me book an appointment with:

Were one to desire a PM-friendly list of entries, one might click below:
Right Here, Right Now (My Heart Belongs To You)
Forever Yours
Get My Math
I Believe
For Love
What A Feeling
Now That I Found Love
Let Me Carry You

I Believe In You
Top Of The World
Somewhere Down The Road
I Had A Feelin’
Kick Back Relax
Love Is All Around
(What Do I Do With) All This Love
My Boy
(Baby) I Want You Gone
Everybody Knows

Release Me
On And On
Love Me Senseless
How Do You Know
I Need You Now
Look At Me Now
Don’t Pull Your Love Out
Sometimes I Forget
Big Blue Wall
Secret Love
You Rain
Love Love Love
If I Could Build My Whole World Around You
Open Up Your Eyes

Walk Out Of Here
All I Want Is You
One Last Time
Human Touch
Watching It Burn
Got Me Good
Like God
Into The Sun
Nothing Else Matters
Heart Rate
Don’t Go Breaking My Heart

My Everything
Instant Repeater
Nu måste vi dra
Allt ljus på mig
En sån karl
Hanna från Arlöv
All I Want For C****mas Is You
When You Tell The World You’re Mine
Alla vet
Life (Diamonds In The Dark)
More Than You Know
Tough Love
I Trance

Also I keep getting copyright strikes for two of the songs (Blocked WORLDWIDE!) so my next attempt is IGTV:
Big Blue Wall (original)

Love Me Senseless
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Did I really go through dozens of pages of Agnes threads dating back over a decade and copy down every person who liked or commented on them and who has also been active on the forum in the last ~6 months?


Anyone who has already liked or commented in this thread since it opened, I assume that means you know the deal and I won't tag you right now... but know that I am tagging you in my heart and you'll be on the list for halfway-there and votes-due-imminently tags as needed.
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