You are released - The Agnes Discography Rate (Finished)

Going very well so far for me

We have eliminated 14 songs, which means we have reached the top 50!

And for the eagle-eyed among us, you might have noticed that Veritas is the only “era” that has yet to lose a song.

And that remains the case.


You Rain
Average score: 6.14
High score: 10 x 3 (@berserkboi, @KamikazeHeart, @Sprockrooster)
Low score: 1.5 x 1 (@danmharrow)

Dance Love Pop? More like Dance Love Drop at the rate we are going!
(Yeah so remember when I said @Empty Shoebox would regret letting me stand in... that line probably didn’t help my cause.)

It is alleged that “You Rain” was recorded especially for the German release of DLP. I mean... hasn’t Germany been through enough recently?


@abael has insights.
“The lack of emotional connection Agnes has with these tracks are fine with the bops, but really stifles the ballads.” - 5.0

We will not be seeing @danmharrow at Pentecost services, I’m assuming.
“Sounds like a godsong, no.” - 1.5

@DJHazey pleasantly comments.
“I’m sure this is amazing to someone but I’m sorry I just don’t connect with it on any level beyond ‘yeah, it’s pleasant.’” - 5.0

@iheartpoptarts notices a theme.
“Unlike ‘Secret Love’ this was rightly relegated to random bonus track or whatever it is. And I’ve never liked it when songs drown in choirs at the end—Idol is over etc. etc.” - 4.0

@tylerc904 is team You Rain.
“It’s no Sometimes I Forget, but it was nice to get another ballad in the mix. Of the “new” songs that were added to the rerelease, it destroys Secret Love.” - 9.5

@berserkboi is right there with you.
“Reminds me of another 10er in Janet Jackson’s Everytime but builds even more emotionally, gorgeous!” - 10​


Staff member
The title "You Rain" has a dark energy itself.
See, this is why I found it irritating when I had to learn irregular verbs in French and the only way to conjugate "pleuvoir" (to rain) was "il pleut" (it rains/it is raining). How do I write "you rain" in French? Nobody told me that.

Look @WowWowWowWow, someone else uses conditional formatting.
My rate spreadsheets rely heavily on conditional formatting. Conditional formatting is every rate host's friend.