You are released - The Agnes Discography Rate (Finished)

Here we go again...

I would do anything for this elimination, but I won’t do that.


For Love
Average score: 6.35
High score: 9.2 x 1 (@berserkboi)
Low score: 4 x 2 (@Empty Shoebox, @Verandi)

I had a whole bunch of nothing to add for this elimination, but after checking out the Discogs page for this album, I can happily share that the songwriters of “For Love” went on to write and produce some songs that *I* love.


Now what say you?

@danmharrow: “This is… fine.” - 5.0

@DJHazey: “So this is exactly what I was talking about with ‘I Believe.’ Immediate returns.” - 9.0

@abael: “Tracks with lyrics like these need standout production to be worthwhile, and they’re getting lazy here.” - 6.0

@berserkboi: “The delivery makes this get a higher score than I’d usually give something of this kind, underrated balladeer!” - 9.2

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Because you are my faves, I decided to give you another elimination today.

What would it take for you to be my number one? Well, in this case, 45 more spots.


Top Of The World
Average score: 6.36
High score: 10 x 1 (@Untouchable Ace)
Low score: 3 x 1 (@Lost Boy)

Sorry, I don’t have much to say about this one, so I figured I would use this post as an excuse to share a much better song about being on Top Of The World. (Apologies to all Brandy stans, although to be fair, hers is better than the eliminated song, too.)

OK, I guess we have to talk about the Agnes song.

@abael is going with the flow, going with the flow: “Sounds like intermediary music they would play in between two actual performances.” - 5.0

@DJHazey is moving to the beat, moving to the beat: “Not quite my style, but still interesting throughout.” - 7.0

@berserkboi just wants to feel, he just want to feel, feel your body heat, feel your body heat: “Apparently not to be confused with Agnes Chan’s track of the same name if doing a YouTube search! This sounds like it could be a Pop Star’s debut track in the mid-00s, and Agnes was already on to era #2 – Ha!” - 9.8

@danmharrow knows we can make it, we’re the stars tonight, the stars tonight: “Guitar gives me low expectations, and it lived down to them.” - 5.0

Only the sky is the limit for @Verandi: “This is very album-track-from-Jlo-Brave. Brave is great.” - 8.0

And it feels so right, doesn’t it @iheartpoptarts? “Most of the points are for the talking bit. That had potential.” - 5.0​