You are released - The Agnes Discography Rate (Finished)

Heya, a Dinah Nah mention, who will be in my rate with that very song! Loving this Dance Love Pop second half cull. Here's the top candidates for me to go now/soon:


Love Is All Around
(Baby) I Want You Gone

How Do You Know
Look at Me Now
Big Blue Wall
Secret Love
Love Love Love

Human Touch
Watching It Burn
Heart Rte
Don't Go Breaking My Heart

Instant Repeater 99
Allt Ijus pa mig

(All 6-8 in case anyone is afraid I tanked anything here)
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Well, @DJHazey, I’m here to post the next elimination, and based on your list, it’s not good news.

It’s great news.


(Baby) I Want You Gone
Average score: 7.34
High score: 10 x 2 (@Ana Raquel, @berserkboi)
Low score: 5 x 1 (@iheartpoptarts)

Oh, you want US gone? Well, the joke’s on you then, “(Baby) I Want You Gone,” since you’re out of the rate.

And what’s that now? You’d like to know a few more songs in which our songwriters were involved? Well get ready.

“Viva La Vida” found destroyed.

OK but prepare yourself for an actual BOP if you’re not familiar with this one:

From PJSC winner to Melodifestivalen finalist! Isa did that.

Seems like one of the few people that didn’t want “(Baby) I Want You Gone” to get gone was @berserkboi:
“Everything right with 2006 pop in a time capsule! (11 contender out of the discoveries)” - 10

@abael wishes the song what could only be described as an ounce of luck:
“With some instrumentation tweaks, this could have easily been a better single than what was chosen to release. That is a pretty low bar for the album though.” - 7.0

@DJHazey references prior commentary:
“Similar story as ‘I Believe in You’ (‘Had it marked as a song I liked alot years ago, but it’s not quite popping off like I expected. The harmonica? bit is the most memorable element of it for me.’) but this is slightly better.” - 8.0

And @danmharrow is down to one.
“The only one I use from this album, it’s definitely of its time, but the production elevates it.” - 7.0

So what's happening tonight?

Do we kill Stronger?

Do I kill an eleven?

No. Instead I get to kill the lowest single score remaining.


Big Blue Wall
Average: 7.41

High scores: 10 x 4 (@tylerc904, @berserkboi, @londonrain, @Charley)
Low scores: 2 x 1 (@danmharrow), 4 x 1 (@Ana Raquel)

Chart positions: N/A

So yes, the wall falls and Berlin is united once more. Or not. According to discogs this was released as a single in the UK, which is news to me. Also news to me is that there are three different versions of this song, and all of them were included with the UK release of the album. Well, the Cahill edit was a <Well known technology company with a fruit in their name> digital store bonus track, but that counts. There is also the 'piano version' hidden away on the German release, but it's the original version.

Maybe that's why it proved to be divisive here? Were people listening to different versions?

Yeah, there's quite a difference, don't you think?

I don't have too much to say, so let's mention that co-writer Sharon Vaughn also has writing credits for Shirley Clamp and Helena Paparizou.

And now that I've distracted you all with videos, I can safely say that this song does nothing for me. In any of its versions. It's the end of the album, being...fine. Not every song can be amazing yes, but this is like everything's been ironed out of it. I'm just not satisfied.

What versions did everyone listen to then? Did they tell us?

@abael agrees with me (I think):
'It needs a bit more structure, some ups and downs rather than one straight slog.' - 7.0

@danmharrow may be confirming that the song saw a UK release after all:
'I seem to remember that they tried to push this in the UK and it pissed me off. One of the weakest from this album.' - 2.0

@DJHazey seemed pleased though:
'Has a theatrical touch to it I love with strings to drive a little sweeping moment of beautifulness.' - 8.0

@iheartpoptarts rejects your lyrics Sharon Vaughn, and supplies her own:
"Singing ‘It’s Gonna Be Me’ in the chorus only slowly. I swear I’m not just thinking that because I have an avatar of it." - 7.0

We finish with the tens, who all provided commentary.

@tylerc904: 'Massive. ABBA worthy chorus and all, it is stunning in ballad and bop form but I prefer bop.' - 10.0
Don't we all?

@berserkboi: 'Rating on the Cahill Radio Edit and this is amazing!' - 10.0
No, Amazing was on Veritas. This is 'Big Blue Wall'

@londonrain: 'Scored on the UK mix, which is a bop. The DK mix is... fine.'
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My turn!


Now That I Found Love
Average: 7.47

High scores: 10 x 4 (@əʊæ, @iheartpoptarts, @Txetxu, @Untouchable Ace)
Low scores: 3.5 x 1 (@Lost Boy)

OK, but I kinda want a remake of “Now That We Found Love” by Heavy D with Agnes singing the refrain.

A bittersweet elimination as one of the songwriters here, Tommy Tysper, passed away on July 1st at the age of 44. I discovered this on his Discogs page when doing my typical “What other songs did they write so I have something to put in the post?” searching.

Tommy and his colleagues Grizzly and Mack were responsible for such glorious sonic moments as:

And the tune that I believe may very well be a literally perfect pop song:

Oh and they also did a bunch of Amy Diamond songs that we won’t speak about.

@danmharrow was ambivalent, ‘pure and simple’:
“This sounds less dated on this album, but also very Kym Marsh at the same time.” - 6.5

@iheartpoptarts had three friends in the 10 club this time around, did this result exceed your expectations?
“I always did love this one. I feel like it’ll probably be underrated.” - 10

You know who doesn’t love this one, though? Come through @abael:
“Could’ve been a great song, but some questionable production and vocal choices stop me from loving this.” - 6.0

If you need @DJHazey he’s kicking back and relaxing to this song:
“Another peaceful and carefree moment to enjoy.” - 9.0

Building off that commentary, here comes @berserkboi to wrap things up:
“Lovely, pleasant listen that keeps building beautifully!” - 9.3

So I'm slightly later than expected.

Blame my company for having a meeting. There was a presentation with numbers.

I didn't understand any of it, but there was pizza.

Then I went to Gröna Lund. There was lots of childerens.

So ask yourself now: Can you forgive her?


Average: 7.53

High scores: 9.7 x 1 (@berserkboi), 9.5 x 1 (@Txetxu)
Low scores: 5 x 1 (@əʊæ / @Untitled), 5.5 x 1 (@Reboot)

Chart positions: N/A

If you have been upset or affected in any way by the torture administered above, dial 112 immediately for assistance. Calls are free from BT landlines. Costs from other operators and mobiles may vary.

So another midtempo with nice string arrangement falls. Yeah, there's a few of these. I personally think that although this song isn't bad, it really doesn't do much to endear itself. There's nothing for me that I would suggest anyone listen out for or attempt to emulate.

To fill this, let's talk about one of the songwriters. Not Agnes Carlsson for obvious reasons, not Sharon Vaughn, because I've already mentioned her. So Fraser Smith.

He's written songs performed by Rachel Stevens. We like her here.

Jamelia? Anyone like her?

Nelly Furtado?

Cheryl Fernandez-Versini / Cole / Tweedy?

There are more, so if you know any, feel free to reply.

Did anyone have any strong feelings towards this song?

@abael mentions a television programme, so I don't have to:
"It's a perfectly serviceable track, could probably make the Melodifestivalen Finals with it. Not win, but probably place." - 7.0
I'm not sure, given how much the televoters love mediocre men.

@Verandi noticed the strings too:
'The violins strongly remind me of Can't Get You Out of my Head (Abbey sessions). It's pleasant but not necessary.' - 7.0

@berserkboi keeps it short and sweet:
'Wow! Cannot say much else!' - 9.7

@danmharrow asks the eternal question:
'Why are songs starting with Un- always so good?' - 8.0

But @DJHazey writes the longest comment:
"Another song that I left for dead when I first rated the album years ago, but I've made the necessary corrections. Like what was I on back then? This comes for wigs the second she utters the first 'unforgiven'." - 9.0

Hej. Jag heter @WowWowWowWow.

É det fel på mig?


Allt ljus på mig
Average score: 7.57

High scores: 10 x 2 (@Remorque, @Untouchable Ace)
Low score: 5.5 x 1 (@tylerc904)

Chart positions: #49 Sverigetopplistan; #7 Digilistan

We’re back to the Extras section for the first time since we lost “Tough Love.” And if my memory of the songlist is correct, this is our highest scoring Swedish-language song in the rate.

Here we again find Agnes covering a ditty by one of her “Så mycket bättre” castmates. It’s a song by the Bo Kaspers Orkester, which featured on their 4th album (and first to reach the top of the chart in Sweden), I centrum:

If the sentence “Bo Kaspers Orkester is a Swedish Smooth Jazz band” doesn’t make you want to immediately commit seppuku, you might enjoy one of their ten other studio albums released between 1993 and 2015. The group’s highest charting single in Sweden was 2006’s “I samma bil,” which reached #9 after being featured in a Vodafone campaign.

On the program, Agnes told Bo: “I had a very hard time choosing a song [to sing]. My dad bought a lot of your music, so I’ve always been a very big fan. There are so many songs that I like so much.” His reaction to her performance? “That was nice. Really beautiful.” Gee, don’t go overboard on the praise there, buddy!

@abael was three words more verbose than Bo (verBOse?):
“Well enough composed, better than her average extra.” - 7.0

@berserkboi had even less to say, though.
“A strong extra!” - 9.6

@DJHazey is experiencing a slight déjà vu:
“Like one of those ‘pleasant-but-meh’ songs from her earlier albums, just in Swedish this time.” - 7.0

@danmharrow loves longer, limitless lines:
“Takes a while to build up, but I love the chorus and how she stretches out alllllllt…” - 8.5

And it’s official, @iheartpoptarts will be torrenting some high quality Swedish content:
“And now I lowkey wanna watch this show.” - 8.0