You are released - The Agnes Discography Rate (Finished)

Well then, Monday, fresh new week.

What better way to start than with a painful elimination?

This remains.


Love Is All Around
Average: 7.76

High scores: 10 x 4 (@Ana Raquel, @iheartpoptarts, @Sprockrooster, @Txetxu)
Low scores: 4 x 1 (@Verandi), 4.75 x 1 (@CasuallyCrazed)

Chart positions: N/A

Album down! Yes, Stronger has finally fallen. Does it have the lowest average? Find out #later.

Until then, please enjoy a variety of cover versions.

First, representing New Zealand (and Australia) it's Ricki-Lee:

Representing South Africa, it's Jody Williams:

In the Japanese corner, it's Arashi:

And representing Malaysia (and Singapore) is Shi Xin Hui:

There is another out there, but I shall leave it to @WowWowWowWow to post because there is a Dame Catherine Ryan connection.

Unfortunately short one tonight. I wish I could describe it as sweet, but it's not, because I'm the one writing it and I'm not capable of that. More thoughts to follow later, in some form of album summary. Unless anyone else who has the album wants to chip in?

Who mourns for a lost album?

@londonrain makes me rethink my initial choice for a thread title:
'Mercifully not a Wet Wet Wet cover.' - 8.0

@berserkboi thinks along the same lines:
'Queen of making me think so many songs here are covers by title alone! I knew this from somewhere though!' - 9.1

@danmharrow wants more variety:
"She has way too many songs with generic ‘love’ titles. The (pre?)chorus elevates it, and then there’s another cheesy glorious chorus to come." - 7.5

@abael is also unsatisfied, but not for the same reason:
'A bit more energetic here but Agnes is still held back by a production that is pretty bare-bones.' - 7.0

@DJHazey was more positive:
'The chorus is truly a mini rush.' - 8.0

Final words saved for @iheartpoptarts:
"Obvious single choice missed. I don’t know which random record company person decided to put out ‘Champion’ instead but I hope they saw the various covers of this smash all over the world and headdesked a lot." - 9.0

Well not 'final'. I get to do that. The next elimination sees us stop teasing you about someone losing an eleven, for a little while at least.

Now this is a strange one.
Once I played this song for the first time when rating, it instantly portrayed how record companies control their artists. Particularly the newer sensation of our millennium, reality contestants.
I knew it never sounded like Ricki-Lee's style and I only knew of her version.
They give someone a song to only be released in a corner of the world. That means that they have no hope for them to be anything bigger than they were, no growth, no input. Just a different version of the same format in a different language.
Life's a carousel you know.

It just keeps going round and round, and there's something about clams.


Look At Me Now
Average: 7.83

High scores: 10 x 2 (@abael, @iheartpoptarts), 9.6 x 1 (@berserkboi)
Low scores: 4.5 x 1 (@CasuallyCrazed)

Chart positions: N/A

Oh yeah, we're back round to Dance Love Pop. Maybe should have said that earlier.
One of our boppiest songs to leave yet. Yes, it's a basic bop, but it is still a bop, and that's important, isn't it?

Anyway, let's talk about co-writer Steven Diamond, who is not related to Amy Diamond.

He has written for forum favourites:

And Swedish favourites:

There was a Britney song as well, but I remembered that I put a showtune above, so you can all hate me even more for that.

Can anyone be more entertaining than me? Shouldn't be difficult.

@Verandi has mixed feelings? Or are they being a bit more harsh?
"The lyrics… let’s say my cereal box in the morning has more complex sentences than this. Still, a cute disco bop." - 7.0

@abael agrees with me on the 'basic' part:
"I mean it’s so by the books it shouldn’t be this enjoyable, but I guess I’m a bit simple, follow these steps and you will have me listening." - 8.0

@DJHazey may be asking for his money back:
"It’s...fine. As I’m listening to it all i can think of is how it sounds very ‘soundtracky’ for some reason." - 7.0

@londonrain is disappointed also, but for a different reason - "Ooh, this is new to me. Why on earth didn’t they include this on the UK release?" - 7.0

You know who wasn't disappointed? Bet that @iheartpoptarts does:
'Gets the throwback sound so right. This is the part where I wanna 10 everything.' - 10.0

@berserkboi May have co-written his commentary with another member:
'Uplifting, without forgetting the bop factor!' - 9.6

That member being @Untouchable Ace:
'A little too uplifting soundtrack song.' - 7.6

@danmharrow ends the talk of this song, but is pleased:
'A classic Agnes intro gives way to the doo-doos, one of the standouts on a strong album' - 8.8

Will I ever get back on schedule? Find out...tomorrow.
For this next elimination, I feel like I need to bring in an old friend from the forum to assist with the proceedings.



Watching It Burn
Average: 7.93

High scores: 10 x 4 (@Charley, @Lost Boy, @Sprockrooster, @Txetxu)
Low scores: 6 x 3 (@abael, @iheartpoptarts, @Remorque)


Maybe so. But we got rid of all the men, so instead I’m going to talk more about Sharon Vaughn, one of the co-writers of this song.

Talk about a journey. While working at two radio stations, going to night school and gigging at hotels and restaurants, Sharon recently recalled to Orlando Magazine that she invited the singer Mel Tillis to one of her shows. Tillis, who eventually racked up six #1 hits on the country charts, was impressed with Sharon’s voice and arranged for her to travel to Nashville to record with him. But she also earned attention for her songwriting prowess. Her first big composition was called “My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys,” which was originally released by Waylon Jennings (on the first country album to ever sell a million copies in the US) and later became a #1 country hit when performed by Willie Nelson. Through the 1980s and 1990s, and even into the new millennium, Sharon was one of the forces behind hit records from Reba McEntire, Kenny Rogers, Trisha Yearwood, and Martina McBride (artists that even our non-bumpkinjustice friends might know), among others. Last month, Sharon was inducted into the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame.

And then, for reasons I haven’t quite been able to uncover, Sharon was ready for a second act. She relocated to Stockholm and started writing with Swedish artists. Her first big hit in Scandinavia… was a little ditty called “Release Me” by Agnes Carlsson. Not a bad start! You’ll also find her in the credits for songs by Alcazar, Malena Ernman, and Charlotte Perrelli. And as @Empty Shoebox previously mentioned, Sharon had 3 songs competing in Melodifestivalen 2014: “Survivor” by Helena Paparizou, “Songbird” by Ellen Benediktson and “Burning Alive” by Shirley Clamp. Sadly none of them won.

Since I know it’s his favorite, I’ll also mention that @DJHazey’s #1 September track was co-written by Sharon:

*bops in Marklund*

Sharon’s detour into popworld also provided songs for Delta Goodrem, Namie Amuro, The Wanted, Boyzone, Girls’ Generation, and Kimberley Walsh, along with two Eurovision entries: Jedward’s “Waterline” and Sergey Lazarev’s “Scream.” And of course, every song on Lara Fabian’s 2017 collection Camouflage.

Legends only!

So Sharon reunited with Agnes for the Veritas album, co-writing this song along with the previously eliminated “Unforgiven” and “Nothing Else Matters” and the yet-to-be-eliminated “Loaded.” Can you say dream team? Because I just did. And I’ll say it again. “Dream Team!!!”

Well, the only dream that @abael is having is the one that comes from falling asleep, which seemed like the most likely outcome of these comments:
“Kind of vague and forgettable.” - 6.0

“Heat Rising” Fan Club President @DJHazey will not be inviting “Watching It Burn” to the next meeting.
“She sounds amazing (as always) and it’s a decent ballad but good luck to ya in the midst of this bop-fest. Certainly not anything I’ve really gone back to on purpose.” - 7.0

@berserkboi has been paying attention to the DE. VEL. OP. MENT. of our beloved superstar.
“Though not a 10 in the context of this godly record, hear how amazingly her voice has grown since the debut! WOW!” - 9.5

And now, another moment of silence please as we honor the kings and queens of Sweden, as mentioned by multiple voters in their commentary.

“I love the lyrics and the ABBA-esque balladry, but I prefer my Agnes uptempo.” - 7.0

“Reminds me so much of ABBA.” - 8.5

And @Verandi:
“I sense ABBA vibes. When towards the end it explodes, I felt that.” - 8.0

Today we close with @Sprockrooster, our co-highest scorer.
“A flaming production and ablazing vocals torches my wig.” - 10

To continue the theme maybe we ought to call them ABBAlazing vocals? Hahahahahaha *throws self into fire and watches self burn*

Next time: @Empty Shoebox reveals the song that will not be joining us in the Top 20. Predictions?​
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Apologies for no thread title for the last post, just imagine a reference to 'Disco Inferno'.

Which album gets the hit today?

Well, I have a feeling that it will be the same as the last one.

What's that you ask?


How Do You Know
Average: 8.05

High scores: 10 x 4 (@berserkboi, @Charley, @iheartpoptarts, @tylerc904)
Low scores: 4.5 x 1 (@CasuallyCrazed)

Chart positions: N/A

Because of the whole 'running the rate' thing, you know?

Anyway, 'new songwriter who dis?' as I am lead to believe that the kids are wont to say.

Ryan Shaw has written for Gareth Gates. Remember him?

Speaking of, I heard 'Något Som Kan Hända' which is a Svensk version of 'Anyone of Us (Stupid Mistake)' on the radio this week. It's a sign.

Also, flop? singer Nate James:

Christine Milton, who was in PJ00s once, I think.

And a drag queen called Kevin.

Well, that was a struggle. Let us never speak of Ryan Shaw again. Thankfully that shouldn't be difficult.
I searched for 'How do you know' on Youtube to see if anyone had covered this song, but I didn't find any. The top results were two other songs with the same title (one of the videos had a dog in it), a film with that name, a dozen videos titled 'how do you know if you are gay?' and Sandstorm by Darude. Make of that what you will.

Vad säger ni?

@danmharrow is both scathing and complementary:
"It doesn’t stand up to the classics of this album, but it’s a solid tune" - 5.5

@abael just can't quite see what's missing:
"It’s got all the pieces, but just doesn’t come together as I would like." - 7.0

@DJHazey's comment sounds like one that I would have made:
"Quality track but just not catchy enough for me. The prechorus is the closest it comes to breaking out into something better." - 7.0

And now love:
@berserkboi 'Bringing a tinge of Alexis Jordan to the proceedings, will gladly take it too!' - 10.0

@iheartpoptarts 'Cute and breezy yet a big song at the same time.' - 10.0

@tylerc904 "The Whitney homage is perfect here (intentional or not). Utterly infectious like the aforementioned’s knockout How Will I Know." - 10.0

But where in the top 20 is Love Love Love? Did it get an eleven? Will I tease you all about elevens again?
What we can say for sure is that nobody likes me posing these stupid questions at the end of writeups.