You are released - The Agnes Discography Rate (Finished)

As we prepare to eliminate song #20, please feel free to review the songs that are left, along with the ones we have already dismissed!

Eliminated thus far:
64) All I Want For Christmas Is You -- 3.9
63) When You Tell The World You’re Mine -- 4.21
62) Alla Vet -- 4.36
61) My Everything -- 4.47
60) More Than You Know (Acoustic) -- 4.59
59) If I Could Build My Whole World Around You -- 5.035
58) Somewhere Down The Road -- 5.039
57) (What Do I Do With) All This Love -- 5.26
56) Let Me Carry You -- 5.33
55) Hanna från Arlöv -- 5.44
54) I Believe -- 5.64
53) Get My Math -- 5.81
52) Life (Diamonds In The Dark) -- 5.94
51) What A Feeling -- 6.02
50) You Rain -- 6.14
49) My Boy -- 6.21
48) Sometimes I Forget -- 6.32
47) For Love -- 6.35
46) Top Of The World -- 6.36
45) Right Here Right Now (My Heart Belongs To You) -- 6.46
44) Champion -- 6.55
43) Everybody Knows -- 6.58
42) I Had A Feelin’ -- 6.62
41) En så’n karl -- 6.69
40) Kick Back Relax -- 6.757
39) I Believe In You -- 6.759
38) Nothing Else Matters -- 6.78
37) Nu måste vi dra -- 7.02
36) Tough Love -- 7.09
35) Forever Yours -- 7.22
34) Don’t Pull Your Love Out -- 7.28
33) Open Up Your Eyes -- 7.32
32) (Baby) I Want You Gone -- 7.34
31) Big Blue Wall -- 7.41
30) Now That I Found Love -- 7.47
29) Unforgiven -- 7.54
28) Allt ljus på mig -- 7.57
27) Flowers -- 7.58
26) Stranded -- 7.74
25) Love Is All Around -- 7.76
24) Heart Rate -- 7.79
23) Look at Me Now -- 7.83
22) Watching It Burn -- 7.93
21) How Do You Know -- 8.05

Still in contention:

Agnes: 1/10

Stronger: 0/11

Dance Love Pop: 6/14
Release Me
On And On
Love Me Senseless
I Need You Now
Secret Love
Love Love Love

Veritas: 10/14
Walk Out Of Here
All I Want Is You
One Last Time
Human Touch
Got Me Good
Like God
Into The Sun
Don’t Go Breaking My Heart

Extras: 3/15
Instant Repeater 99
I Trance
Top 10 Musts:
Into The Sun
Release Me


I can confirm they are in the Top 19, at least.


Got Me Good
Average: 8.07

High scores: 10 x 3 (@Charley, @Robsolete, @Txetxu)
Low score: 5 x 1 (@əʊæ)

Not even a Bassflow remake could send this one up the charts.

Not even a performance at Sommarkrysset could send this one up the charts.

In a review of her 2014 concert in Göteborg, Annah Björk from Expressen wrote that “Got Me Good” highlighted Agnes “excel[ling] in singing loud notes in an otherwise anonymous song.”

Near-highest scorer @DJHazey seems to offer proof of Annah’s point:
“So overlooked I didn’t even remember this and it was a single too somehow. One of those bops that passes me by unless I’m really focused on it while listening to it because then its flow and beat really capture the moment. It’s the small details like how Agnes sings “would you mind, spending time” and later “togeeethhher” in the chorus that set it apart as something I need to hear more often.” - 9.0

I’m not sure @abael will want to hear this more often though.
“Inverse to the usual problem of the album, a well written song is let down by tentative production.” - 6.0

Please have your list of suggestions on my desk by close of business today, @Verandi:
“It’s good, but they had much better songs to release as the third single.” - 8.0

Unfortunately scores can’t be changed after the deadline @berserkboi but would this one be different?
“Could grow to get an even greater score than this! I bow to your excellence, Agnes!” - 9.8

I’m very happy knowing that we’ve improved day-to-day life for @danmharrow:
“Somehow this isn’t on my phone, but relistening it’s a good one that should be kept.” - 7.0

And @iheartpoptarts takes a break from watching “Så mycket bättre”-reruns to offer some jokes:
“It’s good but it doesn’t completely get me. Hehe.” - 8.0

Please have your list of suggestions on my desk by close of business today, @Verandi:
“It’s good, but they had much better songs to release as the third single.” - 8.0
Have a look at my 10s x

Honestly though, what a strange single choice. Years ago before discovering the album I decided to "try" the three singles and only All I Want Is You got me coming back. Thinking it was an outlier, I left the rest of the album for years. THAT'S NOT WHAT SINGLES SHOULD DO.
It's that time of the day again

Are you excited?

Then change that immediately.


Secret Love
Average: 8.13

High scores: 10 x 3 (@Ana Raquel, @iheartpoptarts, @Sprockrooster)
Low scores: 6 x 3 (@CasuallyCrazed, @Lost Boy, @Verandi)

Chart positions: N/A

Not a Bee Gees cover. Not sure if that would be better. @WowWowWowWow has a question: "Was this song first released to the public on the free version of Dance Love Pop that came with a newspaper?!". That I cannot answer. I can say that it was on the UK release, and the Australian one.

I don't think that it was released as a single anywhere, and it wasn't released here until 'Collection' was launched in 2013.

In a break from tradition, I'm not going to talk about other songs from our writers, I'm going to talk about other songs entitled 'Secret Love'

Let's start with Brothers Gibb, who I mentioned earlier.

Stevie Nicks who was in Fleetwood Mac?

Only the Doris of Day:

A Korean boy group called Bap:

For those of you that don't know, people in parts of England call this a bap.

Which it's not. It's clearly a roll.

Did anyone mention bread products in their commentary? If not, I'll do it.

@danmharrow says:
"Don’t remember this one, but it’s gay trash of the best kind." - 8.5
But do you remember the last time you had a piece of toast?

@DJHazey is unsatisfied:
"Punchy production I like but again where’s the catchiness in the vocal melodies? Agnes’ voice wasted on a subpar script." - 7.0
You know what isn't wasted? Time spent making pancakes.

@abael talks about something that I cannot argue with:
'Agnes really needs a powerful production backing her to pull off these tracks, which she more than gets here, people might think it was a ballad without all those synthesized explosions.' - 8.0
I bet she also gets a balanced diet. Probably containing tunnbröd.

@berserkboi keeps it simple again:
'Super boppy!' - 9.8
Is it as boppy as Wienerbröd is sugary?

@iheartpoptarts finishes:
"Okay, so I know we’ve got a very good album with more than enough bops here, but I still wouldn’t have buried this on who even knows which version of it."
In Canadia, they call rolls rolls Although they appear to have a concept called 'dinner rolls'. Baffling.

Next up? A single. How exciting.
I thought I saw something on Discogs about the newspaper thing. And also... this was one of the top results of my Google search:
An EP-ish edition of "Dance Love Pop" is being sold with Aftonbladet (Swedish newspaper) on the 21st and 22nd, containing the following tracks:

Release Me
I Need You Now (New version)
On And On (New version)
Secret Love
Sometimes I Forget
You Rain
Big Blue Wall (New version)
Love Love Love
How Do You Know
Love Me Senseless

Is this the first proper release of "Secret Love"?
Please don't click around too much in that thread though. You think I'm insufferable now? Imagine 10-years-ago me.
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