You are released - The Agnes Discography Rate (Finished)

I'm a bit shocked at how many posts in the thread revolve around... scary eyes?
As is the case with many things on this forum, that's my fault. Please see my photos from Agnes' time in Boston as a reference point.
As we enter the last two weeks of the rate, please join me for a

@WowWowWowWow Agnes Flashback

In October of 2009, I heard one of the most exciting pieces of news I'd heard in a while. Our beloved Agnes Carlsson ... Sweden's successful Idol ... was coming to my city. Uhhhhhhh.... WHAT?

Agnes was out for revenge after Sweden rudely denied her the chance to represent her country at Eurovision 2009 in Moscow. ("La Voix" came 21st place. Serves you right!) She found it in the form of crashing the charts around the world with "Release Me." In June 2009, the song reached #3 on the UK Singles chart, and a few months later, she hit #1 on the Billboard Dance/Club Play chart in the USA.

Agnes' people decided that a good way to capitalize on her success was ... to send her on a half-week tour of gay bars in New York City and Boston. Only an Icon!

I cased the joint to find the performance stage, and once I figured out where the lady of the evening (...not that kind) would be singing, I full-on planted myself in prime position. When she reached out into the crowd to give handshakes, my grubby paw would be ready to reciprocate.

With only moments to go until Agnes took the stage, SOME BIDDY with an Amstel Light decided to literally one ass-cheek herself in front of me. I was utterly horrified. How was I going to tell Agnes that I was the person in the room who most appreciated her being there? That I was the person who would (a decade later) help @Empty Shoebox run a discography rate spanning the ~15 years of her career?? That she would realize that she needed an American best friend and that person was me???

At this point, I gave my phone to the friend I had dragged out that evening (who could not have possibly cared less about Agnes, or the song, or anything that was happening) and instructed him: "Just take as many pictures as you can. I will be over here losing my shit, please do not distract me." Fortunately for me, Agnes was as interchangeable to him as any other dance diva of the era, so his evening was not ruined by being my errand boy.

The lights dimmed and the strings started playing... and Agnes entered. The crowd went wild. I screamed like someone was trying to murder me. Agnes told us that it was perfectly clear that love was not what we needed, that she didn't recognize what she had turned into, and that she was not in control, so we should let her go.

She gave us a perfect THAT I'M BETTER OFF WITHOUTCHU!!! and finished the song to a thunderous roar of applause. She said "Thank you!" and


Wait, what? Since when are concerts one song long? You mean there's no chance for a duet version of "Love Me Senseless"?! What the heck!

I left the club thrilled that I had been in the presence of Agnes, but devastated that it was for such a short period of time.

It was only later that I looked at the photos my friend took for me.






Yeah, that about sums up the night.

As I have yet to be in the same place as Agnes since that evening, there will be no additional @WowWowWowWow Agnes Flashbacks. But thank you for following along on this one.
I was shocked to see this poster was active as recently as a couple of months ago, though the proportion of likes to posts speaks for itself...
Are we talking about Belgian waffles or Scandinavian waffles? Spongy mess coming from hell or light fragrant wonder? I need to know.

Since when did your taste went south tho.

I know you're probably targeting Human Touch there. I can also assure nothing there is lower than the 6 I gave Amazing. The rest are 8s I believe.

Belgian waffles all the way!