You are released - The Agnes Discography Rate (Finished)


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Ouch at this triumvirate being out.

Beat. Drum. Agnes is gonna lose @Verandi for sonic issues:
“As much as I enjoy this, I don’t think I’ll ever completely appreciate the drums being out of sync with the rest of the song.” - 8.0
@Verandi learn what syncopation is challenge.

And I officially have no sympathy for any more of @Empty Shoebox's faves after discovering that she gave I Need You Now a FOUR. Just... what?!
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I have been waffling on whether or not to post this elimination, because I know it will flatten some of you like a pancake lololololol................................

Every rate has a shock elimination… from my vantage point, this one is ours.


One Last Time
Average: 8.28

High scores: 11 x 2 (@berserkboi, @Sprockrooster); 10 x 4 (@Charley, @DJHazey, @KamikazeHeart, @WowWowWowWow)
Low score: 3 x 1 (@danmharrow)

Chart positions: #33 Sverigetopplistan; #1 Digilistan


Let’s focus on the good parts.
Like how we were treated to a live performance on “Allsång på Skansen.”
(I have seen the stage with my own eyes, but never been there for a live show, SOMEDAY!!!):

And at the Victoriadag concert in 2012.
(I always love watching Victoriadagen clips because the Swedish royals are sat right in the front and have to look pleasantly bemused at everything that is happening. Based on his facial expression during a Charlotte Perrelli medley one year, I feel like I could see Prince Carl Philip plotting his own death…):

And on Nyhetsmorgon.

And on Moraeus med mera.

And during Musikhjälpen.

And during the interval of Eurovision 2013 semifinal 2.

But I digress.

I’m not going to acknowledge that “One Last Time” was plugged on a certain website run by a man whose name rhymes with Schmerez Schmilton, but Agnes told Expressen: “I’m always happy when Perez writes nice things about my music, since he is also a very nice and pleasant person, which makes it even more fun.” No, baby, no!

Regarding one of the song’s extended remixes, Mr. Popjustice wrote on this very site: “You really can’t go wrong with a sad but upbeat song by a Swedish lady, can you? That genre must account for at least six of the 100 greatest songs of all time.” And let the congregation say AMEN.

Our friend Annah Björk from Expressen gave “One Last Time” top marks in her concert review: “Nice! Feeling and club beats in one.”

This was one of the songs that Agnes’ “Så mycket bättre” castmates chose to cover. To be more specific, it was Bo Sundström:


We had a few folks who didn’t quite love this one, so we’ll give them the floor first.
@abael: “Bland as a mashed potato sandwich.” - 4.0
@danmharrow: “I don’t rate this, shouldn’t have been a single choice for me.” - 3.0
@iheartpoptarts: “I guess it can’t all be discopop because blah blah blah artistic growth and stuff, but I’m definitely not having as much fun as I was with the last album.” - 6.0

Beat. Drum. Agnes is gonna lose @Verandi for sonic issues:
“As much as I enjoy this, I don’t think I’ll ever completely appreciate the drums being out of sync with the rest of the song.” - 8.0

@DJHazey likes the mechanics of it all.
“More of a minimalist approach compared to the last couple tracks yet not even remotely less powerful. There’s this almost ‘mechanical’ echo in Agnes’s voice as she pleads to ‘hold you, one last time’ like she’s been exiled somewhere and this is honestly all she can manage to utter in such a dark time. It’s the isolated feeling this song has that gets me everytime.” - 10

Sadly this is indeed over, and this is the end for “One Last Time,” which means we leave the last word to the 11-givers.

“Such a powerful ballad that honestly gives me chills every damn time. The pain is felt through and through her voice and channels my inner pains.” - 11

“Everything right about music past 2010! Stealing the 11 from Release Me – which is a ridiculous thought in my pre-listen brain!!!” - 11

Ha ha hahahhahahahahhaaha hah aha hha

What the fuck!?