You are released - The Agnes Discography Rate (Finished)

Let's have either Love Love Love or Don't Go Breaking My Heart miss the Top 10.
Okay, I know I'm behind schedule again, but you must understand, however much you hate me for it, I hate me more.

What, you expected something witty? Did you forget who you were talking to?


Wait, no. Different rate. Maybe.


Love Me Senseless
Average: 8.52

High scores: 10 x 3 (@DJHazey, @Lost Boy, @tylerc904)
Low scores: 6 x 2 (@əʊæ, @Verandi)

Chart positions: N/A

Back we go to Dance Love Pop, but which album will have the higher average in the end?

Seeing as I'm behind schedule, let's do something easy and look and Anders Hansson's writing history.

Here's everyone's favourite celebrity housewife:

It's another appearance for Lili & Sussie:

And, as arranged by Anders Hansson, it's an international hit:

There's lots more, so expect me to post them next time I'm behind schedule.

Anyway, here's another terrible recording of a live performance, this time from Sundsvall!

And everyone else?
@berserkboi discovers character depth or something. Literature was never my strong point.
'I love her accessible pop stuff but she is so much more fascinating with the more adventurous stuff!' - 8.9

@londonrain Goes for the concise and punchy:
'Relatable queen.' - 9.0

@abael finds themselves at odds with the general opinion:
'A step up on the previous track (“On And On”), Agnes and the producers seem to know what the song is trying to be.' - 8.0

@DJHazey also disagrees:
"The crown jewel of album tracks on this album. My feelings towards its big moment actually kind of mirrors “On and On” but I love the production a bit more here. It’s just so smooth, effortless, and such a feel good bop." - 10.0

@Verandi is the lowest scorer to comment:
"It doesn’t leave much of an impression to me." - 6.0

@danmharrow Can't quite get their comment to be as short as @londonrain's:
'Production is funky, and song is decent too' - 7.5

@iheartpoptarts means this in a good way, I think:
'I like how this one is just a tiny bit 90s on top of all the disco stuff.' - 8.0

@tylerc904 may very well be team Dance Love Pop for the album rankings:
"You know an album is outstanding when something this good doesn’t even get a single release." - 10.0

@Untouchable Ace finishes by talking about things I don't understand again.
'The production is predicting the future. It’s like it traveled through JLo’s discography and is on trend now.'- 9.6

Yes, I know I still haven't done that album writeup, but I won't do it tomorrow either. I'm going out.
Alone of course. You didn't think I had a social life, did you?
As we prepare to eliminate song #10, please feel free to review the songs that are left, along with the ones we have already dismissed!

Eliminated thus far:
64) All I Want For Christmas Is You -- 3.9
63) When You Tell The World You’re Mine -- 4.21
62) Alla Vet -- 4.36
61) My Everything -- 4.47
60) More Than You Know (Acoustic) -- 4.59
59) If I Could Build My Whole World Around You -- 5.035
58) Somewhere Down The Road -- 5.039
57) (What Do I Do With) All This Love -- 5.26
56) Let Me Carry You -- 5.33
55) Hanna från Arlöv -- 5.44
54) I Believe -- 5.64
53) Get My Math -- 5.81
52) Life (Diamonds In The Dark) -- 5.94
51) What A Feeling -- 6.02
50) You Rain -- 6.14
49) My Boy -- 6.21
48) Sometimes I Forget -- 6.32
47) For Love -- 6.35
46) Top Of The World -- 6.36
45) Right Here Right Now (My Heart Belongs To You) -- 6.46
44) Champion -- 6.55
43) Everybody Knows -- 6.58
42) I Had A Feelin’ -- 6.62
41) En så’n karl -- 6.69
40) Kick Back Relax -- 6.757
39) I Believe In You -- 6.759
38) Nothing Else Matters -- 6.78
37) Nu måste vi dra -- 7.02
36) Tough Love -- 7.09
35) Forever Yours -- 7.22
34) Don’t Pull Your Love Out -- 7.28
33) Open Up Your Eyes -- 7.32
32) (Baby) I Want You Gone -- 7.34
31) Big Blue Wall -- 7.41
30) Now That I Found Love -- 7.47
29) Unforgiven -- 7.54
28) Allt ljus på mig -- 7.57
27) Flowers -- 7.58
26) Stranded -- 7.74
25) Love Is All Around -- 7.76
24) Heart Rate -- 7.79
23) Look at Me Now -- 7.83
22) Watching It Burn -- 7.93
21) How Do You Know -- 8.05
20) Got Me Good -- 8.07
19) Secret Love -- 8.13
18) One Last Time -- 8.28
17) Walk Out Of Here -- 8.32
16) I Need You Now -- 8.35
15) Instant Repeater 99 -- 8.37
14) Amazing -- 8.38
13) Like God -- 8.5
12) Limelight -- 8.504
11) Love Me Senseless -- 8.52

Still in contention:

Agnes: 1/10

Stronger: 0/11

Dance Love Pop: 3/14
Release Me
On And On
Love Love Love

Veritas: 5/14
All I Want Is You
Human Touch
Into The Sun
Don’t Go Breaking My Heart

Extras: 1/15
I Trance
Let’s kick off the top 10.


I Trance
Average: 8.67

High scores: 10 x 8 (@Ana Raquel, @berserkboi, @CasuallyCrazed, @Charley, @Lost Boy, @Remorque, @Txetxu, @Untouchable Ace)
Low scores: 5 x 2 (@əʊæ, @londonrain)

The departure of “I Trance” means we’ve lost our second ‘era’ of the rate—the Extras.

May 20, 2019. The Independent’s Rob Holley tweets out:

A few weeks later, the mystery was solved.

The mystery of whether or not this has been a grower for @DJHazey, though, has yet to be solved.
“Then there’s this one that did its best to kill my excitement of ‘TWO new Agnes songs to stan for! Yas!’ but I think that because this is designed to be a grower. The instrumentals build in so perfectly like it’s giving you time to settle in and take it all in. Still not quite as good as ‘Limelight’ but it will be reckoned with in this rate, for good reason. Her 2019 output has a real chance to go up against her classics.” - 9.0

@iheartpoptarts also gets out her gardening tools:
“Maybe the new songs are a bit too sophisticated for me? Could be a grower but it’s early days still.” - 7.0

We know that it grew for @danmharrow though:
“She’s back!!! Took me a little while to get into this, but now it’s my current go-to for waking up, working out or pre-drinks. It’s something a bit different, but hasn’t lost the catchiness of her best work.” - 9.0

@abael knows best, at least when it comes to AC:
“This is the environment Agnes works best, when the onus of talent is on the producers, rather than her. Lyrically, the sparser the better at this point it seems.” - 7.0

From @berserkboi’s lips to God’s (Linda Bengtzing’s) ears!
“Amazing production, amazing subdued delivery! Should be a worldwide smash!” - 10

Wrapping up the Extras with a new discovery for @tylerc904:
“I had no idea this existed or that sis was still making music so color me SHOOK. Quite a banger.” - 8.5

Yes I mentioned earlier that I Trance is an easy 10 for me now and I don't even think it's worse than Limelight at all. Thwy both hit different spots for me with equal power.
Yeah, if we voted now (and now I understand what a Rate is) I'd give it a 10. I think I was a bit harsh cos I wanted light and shade in my votes, but if it's amazing it deserves a 10!