You are released - The Agnes Discography Rate (Finished)

In other news,

*looks at the next elimination*

*sees it is an 11 for someone*

*make that someones*

*because one of those someones is me*


*remembers that there are only 9 songs left, and 14 people have yet to see their 11 leave, so supposes it was entirely inevitable*

*still cries*
At least your 11 got to top 10. One Last Time barely scraped top 20, which is still disgusting.
I Trance's production being basically a mashup of Kylie's Closer and Timbo's The Way I Are. Ha MIND.

Honestly, we all kinda know that Release Me will win but of course I'd love a Veritas songs getting the #1. Lovex3 and Emotional are way over their time now tho, but I can feel it in my veins that they will surpass my 11 cause some of y'all... don't really have ears.
Lovex3 and Emotional are way over their time now tho, but I can feel it in my veins that they will surpass my 11 cause some of y'all... don't really have ears.
So into the top ten we go.

There will be heartache

On the Dance Floor.

Remember that song? Janet Leon sung that.

Know what else she did?



Love Love Love
Average: 8.68

High scores: 11 x 2 (@Txetxu, @WowWowWowWow); 10 x 6 (@Charley, @danmharrow, @iheartpoptarts, @KamikazeHeart, @londonrain, @tylerc904)
Low scores: 5 x 1 (@Lost Boy)

Chart positions: #4 Sverigetopplistan

They were also both contracted to Roxy Recordings, but that's not important.

Anyway, back to 2009 and Agnes' second effort at Melodifestivalen. She managed not to get disqualified this time and actually made it to the competition, opening Deltävling 4 and becoming the first Melodifestivalen entry to be performed in the Malmö Arena, which would later host the Eurovision Song Contest in 2013, which Agnes also performed at.

The good thing about it being Melfest is that you'll get a decent quality live performance for a change, so let's celebrate that.

So in Malmö, Agnes managed to qualify for the final in Stockholm, narrowly beating Star Pilots into second place, but was many votes behind fellow qualifier Malena Ernman. Agnes was drawn in position four in the final, between Caroline av Ugglas and a rock group. Agnes fared relatively poorly with the juries, scoring a total of 40 points. Well behind Mediocre Man (96) and Sahara Dont Findher (75). This could have all changed with the televotes...if Agnes had actually received any. Well that's an exaggeration. She did receive votes, but not enough to get any points. I should point out that all the mediocre men got points from the televote. SVT viewers, never knowingly tasteful.

Agnes eventually finished eighth out of eleven, but did enough to get the single into the top five, and for Dance Love Pop to re-enter the album chart at #12, get a re-release and attract some international attention, but more on that later.

Oh yeah, here's a live recording. From Globen. I was there this week:

Not enough for you? Well, here's more, also in Stockholm:

Here's the five minute version, from the Love Love Love version of Dance Love Pop:

And out of the embarrassment of riches that was Melodifestivalen 2009, let's just listen to the winner again:

And if you don't behave yourselves, I'll post the Philipp Kirkorov version.

Aye, exactly.

@abael is joint lowest scorer to provide words today:
There’s a sort of shameless artifice to scandi-pop that draws me in. It’s essentially meaningless to me, but I will be replaying it. - 8.0

@DJHazey is the other half of that crime fighting duo:
I had this pre-marked as “song I loved at first but eventually fell out of rotation” and that’s...exactly what it is. It still hooks me slightly more than the bevy of 6s and 7s I just handed out. - 8.0

@berserkboi definitely gets the concise award today:
Crisp and beautiful vocal - 9.2

@danmharrow appears to be in need of a bathroom:
Lavv Lavv Lavv! My second time attending MF in Sweden, this was possibly the strongest ever final, and it’s amazing to think Agnes only came 8th(!) even as such a big name back then. Disco fabulousness and that catwalk. Yass. - 10.0

@iheartpoptarts laments me not changing the rules to allow people to donate elevens:
Love love looooooooooooove. I wanna start giving out honourable mention 11s or something. - 10.0

@tylerc904 Doesn't mention which particular version of the album:
HUGE chorus once again, we were not worthy of this album. - 10.0

@WowWowWowWow gets to tell us his story to finish:
"Before the rate started, I assumed “On & On” was going to be my 11. But then this song came on, and right away it was clear that my top score was going elsewhere. For those who do not know, I have... a bit of an obsession with Sweden. That’s probably underselling it a bit. I visited Stockholm for the first time in 2009; it was only my second time abroad, my first time traveling on my own, and my last school break before I had to find employment and enter “the real world.” My visit coincided with the 4th semifinal of Melodifestivalen 2009, and I enjoyed watching the country being wrapped up in Mello fever. That one visit was all it took to ignite my decade-long love affair with a foreign country; I’ve been fortunate enough to return to Sweden four times since then, and it is always a treat. So whenever I hear those opening notes in “Love Love Love,” I’m transported back to my tiny hotel room on Drottninggatan where I watched the show. And somehow it reminds me of the person that I used to be—someone a bit more carefree (and maybe a bit more careless) than the person I am now. I think about everything that has happened since then—success, failure, loves found, loves lost—all the ups and downs of life. I remember how happy that first trip to Stockholm made me, in ways that I don’t think I had really felt before and have rarely felt since then. And if you’ve ever found a place beyond your family that felt like home, maybe you know what I mean. When Agnes sang “The moment I saw you / My whole world started to change,” I assume she was talking about a boy, but (cheesy as it may be to say it), it makes me think about Sweden. And that’s why “Love Love Love” gets my 11." - 11.0

Next up, Oh! Gosh! It's my eleven!

No, of course it isn't.
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Thank you. If only an 8 was the lowest score!

I meant to dig out my newspapers from that weekend. The shocked faces of Malena and Sarah making the cover of one of them was hilarious.

And I always chuckle when I think about the 2009 final and Petra only had 144 points left to give, and everyone started cheering for Malena (including Caroline, who was sitting right next to Agnes), and they cut to the people who mathematically still had a chance to win—Malena, Agnes, and ... Emilia hahaha. As if. Even Emilia looked at the camera like “lol I have no idea why you think I need to be filmed right now.”
Coming to you live from the #203 bus into Madrid...

 another no 11’s elimination.


Into The Sun
Average: 8.71

High scores: 10 x 5 (@DJHazey, @Empty Shoebox, @əʊæ, @Robsolete, @Untouchable Ace)
Low score: 6 x 1 (@danmharrow)

Not a Weekend Players cover though. Sad!

Agnes gave us a live performance of “Into The Sun” at Radiohuset in 2012.

For the first time in this rate, we highlight the work of Mr. Patrik Berger, whose Discogs page indicates that his first hit song was the ditty “The Little Voice” by Anna Sahlene (most recently seen on “Farmen VIP” and as a backing singer for the UK Eurovision 2019 performance):

Oh hey, co-written by Kara DioGuardi is back, no less! And yes, of course I will post the Queen Hilary of Duff remake from 2004:

Much like seemingly 2/3 of the purveyors of Scandinavian pop perfection, Patrik had an early gig in a very not-Scandinavian-pop-perfection band. His group was known as Snuffed By The Yakuza:

To later be covered by Charli XCX, who worked with Patrik on “Boom Clap” and more, thus the circle of life is complete.

But of course, to the Popjustice crowd, Patrik has one song on his CV that trounces the entire CVs of other writers and producers, and @Verandi was the only person to mention it in commentary:
“Well I discovered that Mr. Dancing-On-My-Own Berger collaborated on this. It’s a banger your honour.” - 9.0
You were definitely not reaching with that description either.

@iheartpoptarts is here to ask a question about my native land:
“Random: So I’m reading on Wikipedia that the record company originally wanted her to go to America to make this album. The incompetence of it all—I mean, surely everybody in America goes to Sweden to make their albums if they know what they’re doing?” - 8.0
If anyone wants to accomplish anything worthwhile, musically or otherwise, getting the hell out of America seems like a good first step.

@berserkboi is feeling Madonna today it seems:
“A bit reductive but a big bop!” - 9.4

But tying those two comments together, it’s @DJHazey who thinks America-to-Sweden comparisons are reductive, because he’s going intergalactic:
“Underrated gem right here. I remember not knowing what to think about it at first because it sounded a bit too quirky for me but damn that production pops right off to me now. It sounds so futuristic, like the soundtrack to some post-apocalyptic space movie I’d normally watch. That’s the thing about so many moments on this album actually... it sounds way ahead of its time both musically and a Sci-Fi paradise of an album.” - 10

@abael is a fan of the details, you see.
“They are both at their best when Agnes and the production go a little over the top. Flaws seem smaller with booming vocals and beats to match.” - 9.0

Finally we leave the last word to sole low scorer @danmharrow, who was more like @DanMEHarrow on this one (sorry):
"Another strong effort, though the chorus feels a bit rushed.” - 6.0