You are released - The Agnes Discography Rate (Finished)

I went to post the writeup for today, then realised that I had talked about the wrong songwriter. Shoot me.

Would you rather I posted it now and you found out about the writer on the song before this one on the album tracklist (we haven't talked about this writer), or would you rather I did it properly*?

*Ni guarantees for this. As you can see, I am clearly incompetent.
Lucky number seven?

Unless you're from China.

There it's lucky number eight.

Every day is a school day, isn't it?

What are we learning today? Correct. We are learning what you all voted as #7.


Average: 8.76

High scores: 11 x 2 (@DJHazey, @iheartpoptarts); 10 x 6 (@berserkboi, @Lost Boy, @Remorque, @Robsolete, @tylerc904, @Untouchable Ace)
Low scores: 5 x 1 (@Txetxu)

Chart positions: N/A

So let's start by talking about the original version.
It was released in 2001 by American teen Mikaila. It was included on her self-titled flop album. No idea if it was ever considered to be a single, but let's listen:

Yes it's a little different, but that key change is drum ah tee kay.

Anyway, let's not talk about the song. There's plenty of commentary for that. Let's instead talk about Fredrik Thomander, songwriter on here. I have mentioned him before but haven't gone into massive detail.

He did this one, for Charlotte. You all know Charlotte, yes?

He also did this for Jessica Andersson:

And one for our Australian contingent:

As well as our previously mentioned A*Teens work. Apparently he now lives in Mallorca. Nice this time of year I guess. Bit touristy though.

No More Tears (Enough Is Enough), it's time for the commentary.

@danmharrow keeps cards close to the chest:
Decent pop song - 6.0

@abael is perhaps a little more shady than the score suggests:
Just concentrated Pop, masterfully done, but ultimately disposable. - 9.0

@londonrain knows the original release. I wouldn't be surprised if he had it on CD.
An improvement on the Mikaila version. - 8.0

@tylerc904 Is the only other person to mention the original:
A megabop for the ages. Stronger than the Mikaila original, which I already stan. - 10.0

@Remorque may still be humming to this day:
I think this is her most straightforward POP song by a landslide. Only some of the songs on Dance Love Pop come close. Fantastic song and once it gets lodged into your brain it refuses to ever leave. - 10.0

@berserkboi is a satisfied customer. Can we interest you in a massive bar of chocolate for £1.50?
This debut era is Bubblegum Heaven but QUALITY bubblegum!! - 10.0

@DJHazey's 11 has been hinted at throughout this thread:
Connection to one of my last 11s in a rate: just like “Lie For Love” in the Sabrina Carpenter Rate, I didn’t know this song existed before @iheartpoptarts played it once on ages ago. I was instantly infatuated with it. I mean come on, it’s about as bubblegum pop as it gets, such a rush of pure pop sugar to the soul. The beat on “I, don’t wanna fall in love...” is still as head spinning to me as it was on day one. I will never get enough of it. I literally feel like I’m floating with how light and carefree it is. From the first key I’m always immediately focused on every note and ready to scream the words at the top of my lungs. “Emotional” is what I would probably use when trying to describe to someone why I love pop music so much and use it as the best example of how good it can make you feel. Easily a Top 50 song for me all-time, so the 11 was never in question. - 11.0

And given how many times people have said 'bubblegum', it should be no surprise to find @iheartpoptarts:
No surprises here—I did send it to Ultimate PJ once upon a time! And like I said then, I still think it’s one of the greatest most underrated lost pop songs I’ve ever known. I’ve been doing my best to help people see the light over the years and it’s a testament to the amazingness of ‘Emotional’ that I’ve even succeeded with some of them. - 11.0

Yes, that's the Agnes album done and now I am two album summaries behind.
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And who will now join @Txetxu and me, @berserkboi and @Sprockrooster, and @DJHazey and @iheartpoptarts among others on Pairs-Who-Lost-Their-11s-Together Island?

Skating ahead of “Emotional” by just 0.04 points...

Hold me baby.
Drive me crazy.


Human Touch
Average: 8.8

High scores: 11 x 2 (@Robsolete, @Verandi); 10 x 5 (@berserkboi, @Charley, @əʊæ, @Reboot, @Txetxu)
Low scores: 7 x 2 (@Ana Raquel, @Empty Shoebox)

All night long.

In 1992, Bruce Springsteen sent a song called “Human Touch” to #4 on Sverigetopplistan. But would Bruce’s song have received two 11’s on Popjustice? Yeah I doubt it!

Rate trivia: This and our next two eliminated songs share the honor of having the “highest low score” at 7. We love an iconic trio!

Another live performance from Agnes at Musikguiden:

Somebody on the Flop of the Pops forum suggested that “Human Touch” is reminiscent of “Don’t Hold Your Breath” by Nicole Scherzingburger:

Should I hold my breath that anyone agrees with that?

On the topic of comparisons, Johan Lindqvist from Göteborgs-Posten thinks that “Human Touch” sounds like it could be an old hit by Heart. Which is good enough for me since those are jams. Let’s review some other Heart classics and deep cuts as we go through your comments.

“There’s The Girl”! She’s @iheartpoptarts and she has an almost-10 to give away.
“This is a very solid album that only rarely reaches the euphoric highs of the last one—but it does here.” - 9.0

“I Didn’t Want To Need You,” @abael, but I do need you and your comments:
“Agnes’ accent magnifies the lyrics more than the song really should, but is well done in most aspects that you can overlook some simple lines.” - 8.0

Who’s the “Magic Man” of Popjustice, why of course it’s @DJHazey:
“I used to listen to this song a lot more because ‘wanna feel your touch all over my body...’ and the following lines are killer levels of catchiness but something about the repeated renditions of “human touch” became a bit too repetitive and I’ve since knocked it down a notch or two.” - 8.0

Time to hear from “Bébé le Strange” aka @berserkboi (it was a song named in Frenchish, something something Dalida something, you understand my choice):
“Wow Bethenny Wow! Quality won’t let up!” - 10

When @danmharrow sends a comment for inclusion, “How Can I Refuse?”
“The connector of Dance Love Pop and Veritas, this straddles the more straightforward with the edgier production. Love the beats in the chorus.” - 9.0

An 11 from @Verandi, who is absolutely a “Sweet Darlin’”:
“What a song. WHAT A SONG. Imagine having THIS song in your album and releasing Got Me Good instead. Imagine. One of the catchiest choruses I’ve ever heard. It sounds like a thousand of other songs but it sounds unique too. Flawless production, flawless vocals. A masterpiece.” - 11

And our other 11-giver never usually does commentary, so I’m giving you a world exclusive by leaking part of our PM conversation with a “Tall, Dark, Handsome Stranger”:
@Robsolete: “After careful consideration I’ve decided to give my 11 to Human Touch. It’s a weird choice as it’ll probably crash out at #38 or something, but I want to help it get as far as possible!” - 11
Hey, it did 32 spots better than you predicted! Bravo!

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