You are released - The Agnes Discography Rate (Finished)

Look how excited I am to get these rate invitations going!



Please join us for our Agnes Carlsson rate!

When i first saw this gif really quick my heart stopped because it looked like Emma Roberts on an Apprentice and since I am obsessed with her I was going to have to find a way to see that season.
I had already decided this behind the scenes, or at least thought about it anyway so don't feel like this rate in any way made me decide this or anything like that. It did help make the decision easier though. I'm going to leave Agnes out of Scandi-Pop rate since her discography is being rated here and focus more on September and Annie since they are more of the purely 'dance' pop queens I was going for originally and some of Agnes's music is more 'pure' pop or even R&B. This just means those two artists, whom haven't really had much rate exposure get to shine even more.

(and yes I still plan to have the illustrious fan-demanded/voted and host provided extras section)
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@Empty Shoebox would you please tell us more about how Agnes ended up on your ScotRail card?
Yes, so the Scotrail card, as you may expect, is a substitute for a paper ticket on railways in Scotland.

The card offers the holder a fantastic 0% discount, so it's rather useless. However, it also costs absolutely nothing to order, so you can have some fun.

The photo is required, which kind of makes sense when you see that you can load an annual ticket onto one, but I doubt that anyone would check it.

My first attempt was to upload an image of a battleship, but there is some algorithm that steps in and rejects it. So then I tried with a photo of a dog and it didn't like that either. Then, remembering the picture of Una Healy on my SPT card (never used), I decided on a photo of a pop star, as one does.

Since then I've used it twice with no issue, despite the fact that I look nothing like Agnes.
Okay, so to keep the thread moving along we have decided not to do album spotlights, because we'll talk about the albums during the eliminations.

Instead, we are going to talk about some of the people that Agnes has worked with in her career.

We shall start with Agnes' long term boyfriend, Vincent Pontare.

Here is a picture of him wearing a hat, in 2013,

Vincent had a short career as a solo artist, writing and releasing an album called 'Lucky Thirteen' in 2007. It reached #25, and three singles were released. The highest charting of these was 'Miss Blue', which made it to #6. Let's listen to it now.

Does it slap? I'll let you decide.

Vincent then decided that his talents lay in songwriting. Probably the best known of his songs of this period was 'If Only You' by Danny Saucedo feat. Therese Grankvist.

Which reached #3 on the singles chart.

Vincent released another solo album in 2011, 'Godspeed'. It didn't chart so we won't dwell on it.
Instead we will move onto when he met Salim Al Fakir, and they went on to write and produce a number of songs as a team, for high profile artists such as Swedish House Mafia, David Guetta, Wyclef Jean and Katy Perry. However, their highest profile collaborator has to be Ms Ciccone, or Madonna as we better know her. The duo were among the writing team for her Rebel Heart album, including the title track.

One of the other cowriters for that song was a man named Tim Bergling, who had the stage name of Avicii.
I won't go into too much detail on him, because I presume everyone knows who he was, but also because those who don't can read the Avicii rate from last year, which @Mina did a great job with. All that's left for me to do is post one of the songs they did, and it's one of Avicii's most successful - 'Hey Brother'.

I hope that doesn't cause @londonrain to hate me.

Pontare and Al Fakir went on to form their own duo, Vargas and Lagola (Vincent is Vargas), but because they've got a couple of songs in the rate we'll not discuss them just now.

Some of you with a passing interest in Swedish music may be thinking 'Pontare...I know that name' and yes, he is related to the big man. He is Roger Pontare's son. Let's remind everyone who Roger is:

Sadly, I cannot find the Melodifestivalen performance on YouTube.
Roger is of Sami descent and has competed in Melodifestivalen five times. Winning in 2000 with 'När vindarna viskar mitt namn' and in 1994 with 'Stjärnorna' (duet with Marie Bergman)

Vincent and Agnes have been dating since at least 2009, according to an article on Expressen.
Vincent co-wrote a song for Agnes’ first album and, if you caught me on a good day, you might hear me say it’s kind of sweet that their love evolved from songwriting partners to life partners. (Ewwww gross, I know.)

Although @Empty Shoebox said we should skip over Godspeed, I would be remiss if I did not mention these two wonderful singles from that era:

“Baby Hurricane” (warning: butts)

“The Moment I Met You”
Travel back in time with me to the summer of 2005. The Idol franchise had taken the world by storm, and TV4 launched its second Swedish series.

In Göteborg, 17-year-old Agnes Carlsson wowed the judges with her rendition of Lisa Nilsson’s 1992 top 5 single “Varje gång jag ser dig”:

She went through to the semifinals. Over the course of four nights, 24 semifinalists performed in hopes of obtaining 8 tickets to the final round (the 2 contestants with the most votes each night would proceed). Our Agnes performed Janet Jackson’s “Together Again” (sorry, I couldn’t find a clip), but it wasn’t enough to impress the public and she did not make the next round.

That year, the judges were tasked with picking 8 of the eliminated semifinalists to come back for another night of competition. The public would choose two wildcards and the judges would choose one wildcard (for a total of 11 finalists).

With her second chance, Agnes went back to the Lisa Nilsson catalog—this time, selecting the title track from Lisa’s 2001 album, “Små rum”:

When the votes were counted and verified, Agnes was again not in the public’s top two. However, the judges decided to give her their wildcard, and she was on her way to the finals.

At this point, let me share some interesting (probably only to me, but whatever) tidbits with you:
  • Joining Agnes in the top 11 that year were future Melodifestivalen contestants Ola Svensson (who is now releasing music under the moniker Brother Leo, by the way), Sebastian Karlsson, Sibel, and my beloved Måns Zelmerlöw.
  • Also, two notable names were eliminated in the semifinal round—Eddie Razaz, who tried again on Idol 2009 and ended up in 6th place, and Anton Hård af Segerstad, formerly of Le Kid and co-writer for more than a dozen Melodifestivalen songs in the 2010s.
  • Finally, Agnes was the second person to proceed via judges’ wildcard. The first, in the prior Idol series, was somebody named Lorén Talhaoui. Wonder whatever happened to her.
Anyway, back to Agnes. Week 1 of the contest saw the contestants picking a song by “My Idol.” Agnes selected Jennifer Brown as her Idol and performed “My Everything”—which we will pass over for the time being, since it is in the rate.

Week 2 was all about the 80s, and Agnes gave us a rendition of “I’m So Excited” by the Pointer Sisters:

Week 3 focused on hits from Sweden, and you’ll never guess the original performer of the song that Agnes sang… unless you guessed Lisa Nilsson, because you’d be right. Here’s Agnes with “Himlen runt hörnet”:

For Week 4, the theme was Pop, and Agnes let us know that she was, in fact, outta love by covering Anastacia’s debut single:

Over the course of these four weeks, Agnes avoided elimination or being placed in the bottom two. You go, girl!

Join me next time when we discuss how Agnes handled themes like Rock, Disco, and Cocktail!
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