You are released - The Agnes Discography Rate (Finished)

No witty intro today.

Were any of these intros 'witty'?

No, they weren't, so at least I'm being consistent.


Don’t Go Breaking My Heart
Average: 9.00

High scores: 11 x 2 (@Hurricane Drunk, @Lost Boy); 10 x 8 (@Ana Raquel, @berserkboi, @Charley, @Empty Shoebox, @Remorque, @Untouchable Ace, @Verandi, @WowWowWowWow)
Low scores: 7 x 3 (@abael, @Reboot, @Sprockrooster)

Chart positions: #3 Digilistan; #23 Ultratop (Flanders)

So here come Elton John and Kiki Dee. Some of you may be wondering why this was listed under Veritas, given that it's not on your copy of the album. This is probably true, because you probably don't have the French version of the album. It's tucked on there, diving me the justification to include it under Veritas here. It was released as a promotional single in 2011.

It had a couple of official remixes, which you can find on The Spotify, or right here if you'd prefer, and the geoblock doesn't get you (it will):

This one doesn't sound too different.

This one does.

Not sure what's so dirty about this, but I guess it's not my call.

And here's a live performance:

Give generously to Cancerfonden everyone.

@WowWowWowWow went into reading the Stockholm tabloids again, and found that Anders Nunstedt from Expressen said “it’s hard not to feel like Agnes’ sound has progressed about 0,0 percent since last time.”

How dare he. Remember that her last three singles before this were 'I Need You Now', 'Sometimes I Forget' and 'When You Tell The World...'. Maybe he forgot?

He also said 'refrängen är så tydlig att man kan upptäcka den på flera mils avstånd och låtens discostråkar pumpar effektivt upp verserna'.
Or for all of you wanting to test my translation skills,
'The chorus is so clear that you can make it out several mils (1 mil = 10km) away and the song's disco strings effectively pump up the verses'
Which is a lot more positive and more fitting of a top five song.

@abael may be on team Nunstedt: "It’s fine, but does nothing worth lauding or decrying. The fact it didn’t chart in Sweden is unsurprising." - 7.0
I should point out that 2011 was just after the chart had shifted towards faffy streamy bollocks, yet Digilistan was still tracking downloads, hence the disparity.

"Bridge single? I’m not sure that was a thing yet but basically." - 8.0
I've always been aware of the term. Is it a European thing?

@tylerc904 is thinking along the same lines:
"Feels like one last hurrah of the Dance Love Pop era before moving into a slightly more “mature” (ew at the word, but you know what I mean) pop sound." - 8.0

@danmharrow appears to be Torn - Lisa Ajax (2019)
'Great but a little mainstream.' - 9.0

@DJHazey Also appears to be in En värld full AV STRIDER:
"Still puzzled this was the highest rated Agnes song in the 2015 rate. I mean it’s good but just not that good, you know? Sure it’s probably Popjustice catnip in alot of ways but it sounds too ‘by the numbers’ for me and not in the ‘basic bop’ way I love either." - 8.0

@berserkboi makes a discovery:
"Rock-edged industrial Agnes is not something I dreamed of, but here it is and it is amazing!" - 10.0

@WowWowWowWow ringer polisen:
"I love this song, but it always reminds me of the time I heard the introduction in a club in Stockholm, gay-gasped and prepared to throw shapes for a few minutes. But as I made my way through the crowd to get my boogie on, the entire dancefloor CLEARED. Excuse me?!?!? Agnes is your Idol. How dare you treat her like this????" - 10.0

@Verandi Should perhaps look at French record stores. I would help if I knew any:
'BANG! They should have kept this in the main album.' - 10.0



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@WowWowWowWow ringer polisen:
"I love this song, but it always reminds me of the time I heard the introduction in a club in Stockholm, gay-gasped and prepared to throw shapes for a few minutes. But as I made my way through the crowd to get my boogie on, the entire dancefloor CLEARED. Excuse me?!?!? Agnes is your Idol. How dare you treat her like this????" - 10.0

I was there when this happened. Hilary-Duff's-'Sparks'-flopping levels of disappointment in the gay community.
My thoughts on this next elimination can’t be put into words; I need the medium of gif to fully express myself.



Average: 9.17

High scores: 10 x 11 (@CasuallyCrazed, @Charley, @DJHazey, @əʊæ, @Hurricane Drunk, @iheartpoptarts, @Reboot, @Remorque, @tylerc904, @Untouchable Ace, @Verandi)
Low score: 7 x 1 (@danmharrow)

“Loaded” ends the rate as the highest-ranked song to not receive any 11’s. But almost half of us gave it a 10, the highest amount of 10’s we’ve seen so far. And it’s also the highest placement for a non-single!

Johan Lindqvist from Göteborgs-Posten wrote that “Loaded” “sounds like something from Madonna’s latest record” (which at the time, would have been MDNA I guess? “Girl Gone Wild” this is not!) and @KamikazeHeart’s friend Camila Diaz praised the song for having something like “a refrain that not only breathes the 1980s but also sparkles like the 2000s.”

But is it a banger? If you ask @Verandi, you’ll get the answer:
“Her ultimate BANGER. The heavy electronic verses and THAT explosion of a ‘80 chorus just work so well together.” - 10

Keeping things going with explosive metaphors, enter @abael:
“Bombastic and clear direction finally make the most of Agnes’ assets on this track.” - 9.0

We also had some mechanized commentary from @berserkboi:
“Masterful mix of industrial and pop!” - 9.8

And from @iheartpoptarts:
“Robot factory bop.” - 10

In a sonic sense, @danmharrow seemed to agree:
“It reminds me a bit of Annie/Goldfrapp. A break from her usual, but all the better for it.” - 7.0

Well, you knew somebody was going to bring it up, and this time it was @tylerc904:
“An absolute monster chorus for this iconic cock anthem.” - 10

Last word to @DJHazey who encapsulates it all:
“I always remember ‘is that thing loaded’ over a desolate-sounding electro backdrop first. There’s something almost comical about what ‘thing’ is loaded and then the reverse interpolation when the chorus breaks in and someone else is on their knees. But damn is the chorus so explosive and a freakin’ amazing vocal performance that any lyrical interpretations can be left aside. That being said, it comes across as a female empowerment song to me and I love it even more for that.” - 10

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It's that time of the night again everyone.

Hold on to your faves

That was a Morrissey song, wasn't it?

Anyway, it's time to lose what was probably most people's favourite to win.

Yep, Veritas.


All I Want Is You
Average: 9.24

High scores: 11 x 1 (@CasuallyCrazed), 10 x 12 (@berserkboi, @Charley, @DJHazey, @Empty Shoebox, @Phonetics Boy, @Hurricane Drunk, @londonrain, @Lost Boy, @Remorque, @Sprockrooster, @Untouchable Ace, @Verandi)
Low scores: 4 x 1 (@abael)

Chart positions: #9 Digilistan

Now, you may remember that I posted Ken Ring's Så Mycket Bättre version when 'Nu måste vi dra' fell. If you didn't, go back and watch it. I'm not posting it again. See, I am merciful.

@WowWowWowWow's been looking through the comments sections again:
MuuMuse review: “All I Want Is You” is good. Actually, it’s amazing. Like, on another level. Filled with stabbing strings and brooding electronica, the track is even more dramatic than past dance-pop offerings in her discography... And then, there’s that chorus: “All I want is you-u-u-u!” Agnes gorgeously flutters on repeat, a catastrophically catchy, whimsical (almost French-sounding?) hook that, after only one play, is all but destined to stay twirling ‘round your head for days–likely even weeks from now. I couldn’t possibly think of a more apt title for Veritas, because Agnes is simply the truth.

Here's a live performance from P3's Musikguiden:

For all you British, P3 is like BBC Radio One, but not awful.

@WowWowWowWow P.I. says:
Agnes was accused of poaching from another Idol contestant on this song. Moa Carlebecker, who did not make the top 12 on Idol 2009, went on to release music under the artist-name Cazzi Opeia. She told Aftonbladet: “It was such a shock when I heard her song on the radio. It was my chorus, our hook. It can’t be a coincidence… the songs are too equal. I don’t blame Agnes—I look up to her—but I don’t know how this happened. I can’t let such a thing pass… this is a real mess.”

Someone made a mash-up of both songs here:

You may also remember that I have covered three out of the four songwriters before, apart from this A. Carlsson woman. Whatever happened to her? She did Melodifestivalen once. Anders Hansson wrote her song. Know what else he worked on? This stone cold classic:

He's credited as producer if I recall without fail.
Did I go off on this ramble just so that I could post Lena Ph? Yes. Yes I did. I had one video embed left.

Here's another live performance or All I Want, from Solna this time:

The actual opening of Nationalarenan.

@DJHazey opens the commentary with a tribute:
"This would’ve been my 11, years ago, before I was introduced to the song that has taken its place. In fact, in the Swedish Pop Queens rate it was my 11 but now “Crave” by Tove Lo would have that crown today (it’s weird how all these things change slightly over the years). This is the definition of “the song slaps” because that’s actually what I hear with the bonkers production in the chorus. It’s the perfected way to go against the grain between instrumental and vocals but elevate the song rather than pull away; it really makes it become this huge unexplainable thing. I always picture Agnes on some floating stage high above the Earth, screaming this down to all of her worshippers because that imagery is the only thing worthy enough. Such a colossal anthem literally structured to snatch your wig and take a claim on your next seven or so wigs to follow." - 10.0

@berserkboi likes the way it's put together:
I love the vocal distortions and the production! Might not be to the level as the two above (Amazing & Walk Out Of Here), but no less deserving of a 10! - 10.0

@abael probably won't be getting many drinks bought for them at the PopJustice bar tonight:
'Very filler. No real composition, sounds like an extended switchover in a mash-up of actual songs.' - 4.0

@danmharrow praises the delivery more than the content:
Her vocals really lift this, in the hands of another it wouldn’t be so epic. The backings delivering the chorus while she does an Austria 2019 (Eurovision reference) is a bold move but it works - 8.5

@Verandi discovers duality without reading Robert Louis Stevenson:
A banger and a symphony at the same time whew. - 10.0

@iheartpoptarts is a fan of elongated syllables:
Youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu. (Unfortunately when I read that back to myself I hear Soulja Boy in my head. Fix my head.) - 8.0

@CasuallyCrazed gets the honour of seeing Veritas out:
'No other song sounds like this--the soaring strings, the haunting chanting, the winding melody and relentless pace. Veritas is one of my favorite modern pop albums of all time and this is the piece de resistance.' - 11.0

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