You Can Vote Tough, Just Do It With Love: The Hilary Duff Rate (WINNER REVEALED!)

So, let's talk about the Queen of Disney...


Okay Minnie, well I guess you are. Let's be more specific and talk about the Queen of Disney-Pop.


Well you know I love you Selena, but while you might be the current Queen, you are no longer with Disney and your music success can be traced back to the true pioneer of Hollywood Records:


Oh no no, don't even try that. The first successful Disney popstar is and always will be the one and only Lizzie McGuire.


When Hollywood Records decided to venture into music performed by their own television stars, it was Hilary Duff who got the first shot with the Christmas album Santa Claus Lane in 2002. Seeing that they might have something here, the push was made for the first original album to be recorded; it would be used as kind of a trial run. When Metamorphosis exploded onto the scene and created a new legion of fans that craved her music, the record company realized they had hit the jackpot. The rest is history.


Starting today, my Popjustice friends, we will pay homage to the original Queen of Disney-Pop and re-live her extensive discography. Hilary's music has gone on quite the journey over the years...from the surprisingly undated teen-pop sound, to the mature atmospheric sounds of Dignity, to the dancepop and acoustic mixture of Breathe In. Breathe Out. Today we will go on that journey again, finding out what songs truly have passed the test of time and which of newer songs have become instant classics.


You all know the rules and this rate is not going to throw some crazy curveball at you. Please listen to all of the songs below, giving each one a score between 0-10. Half points and decimals are allowed too. If you feel the need to go 9.9 with a song, I'm not going to disallow it. Of course everyone is allowed to give that one sacred 11 to their favorite Hilary song of all-time. Choose it wisely! Please send in commentary if you'd like because it always adds some flare to the reveal. If you are here to give one album all 10's and another album all 0s, your votes will be disallowed (no trolling).


There are 83 songs to get through, so I am going to give everyone more than six weeks to finish! So I will not be extending the voting period for any reason...this is plenty of time!

Please have your votes in by Friday, March 18th!!!

Petty Mayonnaise
Up Down Suite
Lost In Japan.
So Yesterday
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I have just rated everything from Metamorphoslay through Most Slain, except for My Generation and Supergirl, plus all but three of the extras, without even having to listen to them, that's how much I played them. I'll give Slé In. Slé Out. another spin to refresh my memory (I feel bad about not knowing it well enough for how much I played it after its release), and Dignity another play or two, since I never played it that much aside from Stranger, Dignity, With Love, and Never Stop.
I have no idea who those gals are in the first post besides Raven and a random member of 3LW, but I'm here for Hilary and this, of course.

Any excuse to play that amazing debut album.
Adrienne Bailon is a panelist on The Real now.
I don't think I've ever consciously listened to Hilary Duff's music, so why not start now?!

That'd be amazing if you did. She's really the only Disney-pop singer (besides maybe Lindsey Lohan) who's music has always kind of broke the mold so to speak. Many people who are staunchly against everything Hollywood Records has ever put out, have always been here for Hilary.
Will absolutely follow this rate. Not 100% sure if I'll participate yet because of the amount of extras (plus I don't know her first two albums that well apart from the singles) but I've certainly been inspired to listen to her (again)! Dignity remains a pop classic.

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So excited for this, there's quite a lot of stuff that I haven't listened to for ages (she does some have very dodgy album tracks especially in the early days so forgive me).

The new album probably won't get my 11 but wouldn't be surprised if it got the most ten's from me.
On second thought, let me take the time for this! There are more sings here than I expected and I do not want to rush this! I will finish this after the Winners Rate so somewhere the end of February or beginning of March. Let me enjoy myself with prelistening in the meantime!
Will absolutely follow this rate. Not 100% sure if I'll participate yet because of the amount of extras (plus I don't know her first two albums that well apart from the singles) but I've certainly been inspired to listen to her (again)! Dignity remains a pop classic.

I hope you do participate. All different opinions are always welcome, even those who are newer to the material.