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You really should be watching Hulu's 'PEN15'

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by HorseTears, Mar 15, 2019.

  1. Something to look forward to!
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  2. I watched the first 4 episodes so far; I found the first 3 in particular really emotional and a bit... depressing. In a great way, but it caught me off guard a bit. I was feeling like it was almost relentlessly depressing how terrible everyone was to the two of them.

    When I tell you I fucking screamed in episode 4 when the new friend called her mom a cunt, I'm not exaggerating a bit. I yelled even harder when Anna said it to her own mom in the car.
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    Lemme get on board.
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  4. Maya is such a unique character.
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  5. That particular scene made me burst out laughing because it was so sudden and out of nowhere.

    I think the show's balance of comedy and awkwardness against heavier subjects like being at the center of a divorce and coming to terms with sexuality is really something special we don't often see in comedies
  6. Uno


    Watched it all in one day, again. This season absolutely stepped it up a notch - the balance of emotion and laugh out loud ridiculousness is so great.

    Maura is a fucking sociopath and made me cackle and groan at the same time. They used her well and I'm glad she didn't overstay her welcome as their third.
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  7. The final scene of the last episode was devastating.

    Anna and Maya said they were a week and a half out from being done with filming all 15 episodes when production had to shut down, so the second half isn't complete. Fortunately that means they will probably be able to edit what they did shoot so the turnaround time won't be as long once the rest are shot
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  8. I loved the scene in the first of the play episodes in which Maya is in her bedroom rehearsing her lines....

    and she suddenly transforms into the character -- you actually see the adult actress behind Maya the tween, which makes her overall performance even more impressive to me. I keep forgetting these are grown ass women playing tweens.
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  9. This (half) season continued the excellence. I’m glad the season moved on from Maya’s crush (that storyline was a little boring) but once it got to episode 3 I was hooked. Not only were there laughs in abundance (I was screaming at them doing the spell when they thought they were witches) but there was a lot of heart in this season too. My favourite storyline was Anna dealing with her parents divorce, it was really hard to watch at times.

    I hope that we don’t have to wait too long for the second half of the season because it’s probably my favourite show right now.
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  10. Is there a way to legally watch this in the U.K.?

    I’ve not been a cyber criminal in years but I’m desperate to see this.
  11. NowTV!

    I have two episodes left but I just have to say Maura is one of the most ingenious comedy characters in memory. Episodes 3-5 have been literal perfection.

    Them splitting the season probably has something to do with the limited longevity this show will have right? In terms of practicalities with the young cast growing up etc. Might as well spread that buzz and Emmy love? over several years even as the show only actually covers a few months in their lives dd.
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  12. Episode 7 is just absolutely devastating isn’t it. It feels like a finale, not a mid season break. Such a moment.
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  13. Someone upthread mentioned that this season was still in production when Covid struck, hence the smaller number of episodes. Guess we're lucky we got as many as we did!
  14. It was always intended to be a season split in two, with two batches of 7 episodes. They were almost done with filming the second half when Covid hit, so I assume we'll get the other half once they've figured out how to film the remaining scenes with the new Covid safety protocols (especially tricky given that it includes a Bat Mitzvah party they might have to rewrite).
  15. Melora Walters crushed me in the seventh episode.
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  16. So I watched this last week and found myself watching all 17 episodes again this weekend.

    It’s somehow better than the hype. I wasn’t prepared for it, Anna reminds me of my closest girlfriend growing up and Maya is one of the most fully realised, complex, dark and hilarious characters in all of comedy.

    The show also sent me into a bit of a spiral which I’m sure I’ll be processing in the LGBTQI+ thread at some point but the show is perfect. I’m suggesting it to absolutely everyone.
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  17. The show's official Spotify playlist is a wonderful nostalgia trip, and it's full of bops
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