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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by tastic, Sep 20, 2018.

  1. Lonely Boy is at it again. And this time he's determined as a stalker.

    Two episodes in and I love it. Penn Badgley is so charismatic in this role for all the wrong (right) reasons.

    Who else is watching?
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  2. This was a very underrated show. Penn Badgley did a supreme job as a creepy yet somewhat humanizing Joe. Especially in the finale.

    It was a season full of twists and turns albeit being constrained under the Lifetime channel.

    Shay Mitchell from Pretty Little Liars fame also did an excellent job as the conniving Peach.

    Good news. Season 2 has been picked up by Netflix!

    This show was way too good for Lifetime anyway.
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  3. I watched all 10 episodes with delight.
    A little way in, I was shocked when the show actually went as dark as I hoped it might.
    By episode 10, I was still not expecting the twists and deaths that actually occurred. A very good show indeed.

    Is it bad that I can relate to some of Joe's stalkery moments, Peach's emotionally manipulative moments and Beck's desire to appear like she has it together?
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  4. Coming to Netflix just after Christmas, so think I’ll watch this then! Apparently Lifetime didn’t pick it up but Netflix has.
  5. After thinking about it and having watched so many male performances, Penn Badgley definitely deserves some awards love.

    The fine line he walked between being beyond creepy/disturbing and cultivating was just fantastic acting.
    Not to mention the popping vein on his forehead in the finale!

    I hope now that Netflix picked it up and they follow the second book,
    The setting is in Los Angeles.
    that they will promote the show and will receive the love and attention that it is warranted.
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  6. I didn't see this coming:
    Peach and the rock in central park?

    Am I dumb?
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  7. Brilliant show. Watched almost all of it in one sitting.
  8. I blitzed through this on New Years Day and was absolutely hooked - great performances, more twists and turns than a rollercoaster ride, and brilliantly paced throughout too.

    Then it got to the end and I just ended up with a sour taste in my mouth. I know it would've been hard to end series 1 another way (especially with what happens in the book and with season 2 on the way), but it just felt... yuck. As if it was meant to be this sharp, biting commentary on the perils of social media and dangerously toxic masculinity and then it just kinda played that hand straight when they could've potentially swerved a bit.

    Still perched for season 2 though.
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  9. Blythe is everything. The actress is a star in the making
  10. No - every time you think the story will swerve and "it get can't get this horrific, can it?" it keeps going and worse keeps happening.
    I honestly thought they'd soften it up at the end of season 1, leaving some room for you to invent a happy-ish ending but no, it keeps up the darkness through the end.
  11. The twists in this are quite unexpected and unimportant things become important later. Great plot.

    One minor thing (end of episode 9):
    the therapist's phone made it obvious there was an affair but Becks texts to the Fox didnt.

    Penn Badgely also breaks out of his typecast by the end as well. He did very well much like Blake Lively did earlier this year.
  12. The final episode was so much darker than I expected.

    And can I just say again - Peach - what a television icon.
  13. So the first three episodes were dark and High Drama, and I thought it could be another addition to the Golden TV Era. But then episode 4 being mostly from Beck’s point of view and all the tiresome family nonsense that came with it was... a choice. And from there on out it was trashy but I still loved it.

    I’m surprised Penn did this as I always thought of him as wanting to put himself above Gossip Girl, but he’s really great in this. Unnervingly convincing as a psychostalker.

    P.S. Give me that A Simple Favour crossover/reunion I crave.
  14. Scream at this ending like
    a more murderous, stalker-y version of (500) Days of Summer.

    Loved Peach and thought she got all the best lines. Shay Mitchell surprised me, and I actually really liked her as Emily on Pretty Little Liars. Wish we had gotten a Peach/Blythe scene, though. I feel like they would have been pretty funny together.
  15. This is AWFUL but highly enjoyable popcorn television. It's good weekend-viewing trash. I watched the first 3 so far and Penn's performance is truly the saving grace: he really is quite captivating in it, and endlessly watchable.

    The required suspension of disbelief for the writing, though, is absolutely insane. There are so many roll-your-eyes moments.
  16. This show fucked me up. Cis,Het white men are the freaking worst.
    I knew she was a goner. I’m sad about Peach getting murdered, I liked her. I’m just so pissed off at everything. And Paco’s a piece of shit.
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  17. Basically kill all the women.
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  18. Jesus Christ let's not interpret this as a cishet documentary.
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  19. I watched the first episode last night and really enjoyed it, although did anyone else feel as though they were watching a darker Gossip Girl? I think this might be why I like it so much.

    Also, @DreamlessNights what happened to hiding spoilers? I haven't seen that episode yet.
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  20. I took a four day weekend off work for my birthday and was actually pretty gripped by this

    until I apparently, after smashing nine and a half episodes, chose the completely wrong moment to answer the front door because when I returned Beck was dead and I was sort of like... oh, okay.
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