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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by tastic, Sep 20, 2018.

  1. Just finished. It was okay… I had low expectations going in but it was messy fun.

    These seasons are becoming very formulaic and predictable however. And Joe’s character is soo tired now

    Bummed they killed of Love. It would of been way more interesting had they kept her around and explored her character as a single mother side by side with Joe in some sort of cat and mouse game.

    The psychology of female killers has always been fascinating to me and they had a lot of potential with her character.
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  2. I'm not sure I can do 10 episodes of this since some of you gurls are not stanning (as expected)...

    I said I won't be back for the third during the second, but I guess i'll never learn.
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  3. This show desperately needs a B plot about a detective hunting Joe. They really blew it when they so easily covered up Beck’s murder. It’d add something new to the story while also upping the stakes and bring something new to the table. I’m not talking about just any detective, I’m talking about one who matches Joe’s level of “intelligence” and could actually take him down.
  4. I've only watched episode one of the new season. Is it a sign that lockdown has damaged my sanity that the more time goes on, the more Joe seems like a sympathetic character?
  5. They really went for that angle with the Love dynamic. I don't think it was exactly trying to paint him as a good guy, but he's the lead of the show so they need to make him more likeable I guess.
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  6. It would have been a far bigger gag if Queen Love had killed Joe and then moved on as the lead of season 4.

    I enjoyed this season, but that was mainly due to her presence, considering how many of the storylines are not only stupid beyond the point of stretching any credibility but also just total repeats of what they've done before. Another season of Joe doing the same old will be extremely tiresome.
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  7. I really enjoyed this season. The exploration of marriage and trappings of suburbia was just *chef’s kiss*.
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  8. I'm inclined to believe that Love isn't actually dead but we'll see.
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  9. Love being alive and going after Joe for revenge would be a gag and totally in line with the show unbelievable plots, but I think Victoria knows she's way too talented to be stuck in a show like this for more than 2 years.
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  10. She does deserve better but she brings so much to the show, I don't want her to be gone! I don't know if I'd continue watching past season four if it looks like she's not going to be around. No charred body seen, door still open for her return.
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  11. Episode 8… wow!
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  12. The ending of episode three. Mess, awful, tragic, terrible. I was enjoying it until this point…
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  13. I just binge-watched the whole season in two days and I just have to say, that this is one of the very few shows that I'm hooked on, regardless of how bad or redundant the plots are.

    I enjoyed the marriage dynamics of Joe and Love very much and I would have loved to see directors exploring that topic more, instead of going again with kinda redundant plot of Marianne being new "you". It all felt boring and I had no interest in being invested in her character and plot at all, so I hope that her role will be reduced in season 4.

    The murders and how they got away with them so easily also were quite repetitive, but it was a nice watch.

    Setting the scenes in suburbia in closed community was also a breath of fresh air as I loved new characters (Sherry the most, to be specific).

    Overall, it was a nice season, but I think I wanted them to go into different direction. Will the season 4 be set in Europe? That would be another breath of fresh air, but I hope next season is the last one.
  14. In many ways, the third season made the second season make a lot more sense? The second season suffered from feeling like a retread, whereas now with retrospective it feels like the perfect bridge into season three.

    I think even though it was totally ridiculous, the writers throwing Pretty Little Liars, Dexter and Desperate Housewives into a blender kind of worked? I was never not entertained, even at the biggest eye-rolling points of the season.
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  15. I think the only way I’ll be back for season 4 is if they announce it as the final season.

    It really is time for Joe to get his comeuppance, and having Joe spend all his efforts to find Marianne, only for her to be the only main love interest to survive his attention and stop him dead in his tracks would be a satisfying way to end the series.
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  16. I really hope that Marianne doesn’t feature heavily in the next season. She was by far the least developed character in Season 3. But yeah I loved the other new characters and hope that Sherry makes another appearance at some point.
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  17. S3 was quite interesting. Generally, I've found the setting of each subsequent season less and less appealing, but I also understand why they took it down the route that they did. The first half of the season was quite unsteady, with so many little storylines being picked up and then semi-resolved quite quickly - by the time we reached the season's low point mid-way through (forest episode), it felt like things did a bit of a hard reset, and I was questioning where things where heading at all (unlike S1 and S2 which felt like they were very much building towards something from start to finish).

    However, the second half of the season definitely improved things, and I actually thought the finale - as ridiculous as it was - jolted the show in a much-needed gasp of a new direction. Had it stayed in California any longer, things would've become very stale, so I'm sort of relishing the idea of a fresh setting but with Joe's past slowly catching up with him.

    Agreed that it only has one or two seasons left in it - if it sticks to that, I think the show will have been largely successful.
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  18. Pleasantly surprised to see Nathaniel from Crazy Ex Girlfriend in this.
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