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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by tastic, Sep 20, 2018.

  1. So are they going to continue where they left off or are we just starting over murdering people in a new city now? Cause if so i'm not watching.
  2. Sis, that’s a lie and you know it!

    It’s a continuation, he just moved to LA after the events of season one. The ex-girlfriend who showed up at the end of last season is his main love interest/foil, I think(?).
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  3. There's a new actress who's been cast as the love interest (the youngest sister from Haunting of Hill House).

    I binged it over the weekend and it was trashtastic. There was definitely at dip from episode 6, which I attribute mostly to
    Peach dying.

    someone mentioned that Joe killing Beck turned him from stalker to simple serial killer. I actually think the entire time he's been acting in his own self-interest, albeit in a way to protect his relationship with Beck. Once it became apparent the relationship couldn't be salvaged, his self-interest became protecting his freedom, and eliminating Beck the only solution. For me I guess it tracked.

    Final thought: Peach is an icon.
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  4. I'm sure the show is good, but there's something so skeevy about Penn's character being made into a sex symbol (at least from stuff I've seen in clickbait articles & on Twitter) when that's literally the opposite of what he's supposed to be.

    Maybe I'm just taking people a little too literally but it all feel a little:

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  5. I haven’t run into any of this, but yikes people, love yourselves!
  6. I mean, there are people on Twitter/Tumblr who glorify and worship actual serial killers so...
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  7. The GP ending up being trash? With the current results of the UK election and Donald Trump as president in the US - we are not surprised.

    Anyhoo, I'm slightly perched for the second season. I remember liking the first but it lost steam for me towards the end.
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  8. Full trailer now out:
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  9. Anybody watching the second series? The first episode was a little dull, though the last 5 minutes set up the series.
  10. Not my family all talking about starting The Witcher or The Crown and I'm over here dreaming of You.

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  11. First episode of season 2 is... not it. The setup was all so clunky & cheesy, totally lacking the ridiculous fun of the first season. It also just feels like the exact same thing all over again, except the characters are even more unrealistic. Hopefully it picks up.
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  12. Wow episode 2 is not something you want to watch as you're tucking into your Christmas leftovers.

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  13. Gender swapping the supporting cast roles.

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  14. MB


    I’m 3 episodes in and it’s watchable but not great and predictably not as good as the first season.
  15. They should have stopped after season 1, I think it's gonna be extremely hard to achieve the same success from the previous season, like what else can they do? How long can they drag this storyline?
  16. They honestly shouldn’t have had it be the same situation but in LA. Maybe actually having two stories going on: an investigation into what happened in NY (I can’t remember the first season that well, detail wise) and Joe trying to “survive/whatever” in LA. Right now, it’s just a retread
  17. This is so bad. His new fixation happened way too quickly, he already has another dude locked in a basement... this is Hangover 2 levels of lazy repetition. It's a shame, because better writers could have done something really fun with this character if they tried even a little.

    I fucking screamed when the iconic gay bar-owner from Grey's Anatomy showed up and CUT HIS FINGER OFF and then he just put on a baseball cap and followed Love into the restaurant.
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  18. I’m on episode 4 and....I’m definitely frustrated. The fact that it moved onto a new girl to obsess over, new evil-ish friends to take down, and new annoying neighbor to save in the first five minutes...all to immediately become a complete rehash of Season 1 is disappointing. There is no growth or forward momentum from the first season, and instead of exploring the aftermath of earlier episodes, it’s basically acting as if they never happened. Also, the weakest elements of the first season were the leading lady and the useless neighbor storyline, and this round is no exception...except now we’re stuck with even more of them. This season is in desperate need of a Peach to keep me engrossed, but the ‘friends’ are all entirely one-note thus far. I’m also over the amount of time spent on the trapped hacker who seems to have no connection to any of the actual storylines on the show.

    I’m guessing Candace will make a reappearance later on - scratch that, I’m praying she does as she feels like the big mystery this show needs to explore. The fact that they threw it out after 1 scene is seriously misguided.
  19. I gave up after episode 2 and I'm not worried about it being any great loss. Season 1 was a fun, trashy binge... this cut out the fun right from the start, and I don't imagine – given the clear direction – that it will change anytime soon. I'm not invested in the characters or 'story' at all. So back to my Ken Burns documentary dddd
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