I ended up finishing this last night and I’m whelmed. I was correct in saying it picks up at the halfway mark, but it’s a shame it takes that long. In fact, you could pack this entire season into 3 or 4 episodes; that’s how many of them feel necessary. Aside from the aforementioned issues (rushing into a Season 1 rehash, developing an even more unlikable female lead, spending too much time on another useless neighbor subplot), what the show really lacks this season is any sort of tension. You never feel any sense of danger this season, or that there is any threat to Joe’s plans. There’s no worry he won’t carry out his plans because we’ve now seen him do it before, and there’s no one trying to stop Joe because the events of Season 1 are mostly ignored. Then we’re stuck with multiple episodes of him just chasing/wooing a severely annoying love interest.

That changes once Candace reappears, but I don’t understand why it takes so long for this to happen. Candace should be this overarching threat who keeps everyone on their toes. Instead, she just comes & goes as a convenient plot device.

And again, Candace reappears after being gone for multiple episodes. Instead of making her a major foe for Joe (as they should have), she becomes this mild diversion. The twist with Love was a nice surprise, but I wish it weren’t thrown in at the last moment. She’s so unlikable by that point, I honestly didn’t care. Think this should have been revealed earlier, and we could spend more time with the two of them as a disturbed couple. Towards the end I questioned why Joe would ever be motivated to stay with this woman & the trash people in her life. I don’t believe his obsession would be strong enough to tolerate them.

And now he’s going to be a dad who is obsessing over someone else? Honestly would have preferred that be the second half of THIS season instead of making me wait for another.

To sum it up:
- Still fun, but this season moved at a glacial pace
- A complete retelling of Season 1
- An even more insufferable female lead
- Underwritten friends
- Unwatchable family members
- Useless neighbor subplot
- A few fun twists, but all come too late to matter
I’m on episode 8 and I’m having a lot of fun. I didn’t mind the neighbour characters and found Love, Forty and family likeable enough. I’ve missed this stupid show.

Edit: I’m basic and I’ve been thirsting over Forty.
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Gotta say I enjoyed it- granted, it takes a while to hit its stride but from episode 5 onwards, it really picks up.
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I ended episode 8 and I love it as much as I loved the first season. Obviously, that's some kind of rehash from the first season but it's still enjoyable to watch.

Also Joe is just so gorgeous, I could watch him for hours.
Not me rooting for Joe of all people by the end of it. It was an entertaining season but all very "hey what else could we do for shock value now while defying any sorts of logic?!"

The third season MUST be the last though. Not sure I'll come back anyway.
I finished the season and... I generally really liked it and had a lot of fun with most of the twists.

I think the series is sorely lacking in an actual hero to balance out how much viewers likely hate themselves for rooting for Joe. Candace was that person but they've gone and offed her without her getting a chance to do much other than act as a conduit to out the real Love.

Though Love will likely be left in the cold next season as Joe sets his sights on their new neighbour, she's not someone you can root for either even if she goes toe-to-toe with him, so we're back at square one.

I'll still be back for the third season, and happily so, but I would like to see the producers set their sights on a clear ending before the show's schtick gets stale, if it hasn't for some people already.

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I binged this in one day and while I enjoyed it overall, it was really tiring in some areas. Joe's ramblings and how he constantly got away with every murder killed every ounce of danger and suspense for me. I really rooted for Candace and thought that she will fuck up his plans big time but her presence was the biggest disappointment ever, she made an appearance, outed Joe with no evidence then sexted Forty? I agree that someone like Peach or Candace to poke Joe through the entire season would've been amazing.

Also, am I the only one who hoped that the PI from the first season, hired to investigate Peach's murder, would make an appearance?
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Yeah, the only thing that I'm really annoyed is that Joe is going to get away with every murder/every other bad situation. After 3 or 4 episodes I already knew that I really don't have to worry about him being caught or suspected, cause he will get away with everything. I would love to break this a little bit in the next season.
I’ve only watched 2 episodes and this season certainly isn’t instant like the first. I’m already having to read recaps because I’m so confused. Not loving ‘Love’ either...Even Joe doesn’t seem that invested! Also, how the fuck did Joe transport and rebuild that intensely elaborate cage?!

I’m going to watch the rest, but so far this seems to be another show, like Stranger Things and 13 Reasons Why that should have stopped at 1 season. Am hoping it picks up, though.
I'm way too late to the party. Just started season 1 and I'm on episode 3 right now. I know shows/movies take a lot of liberty but the way Penn's character stands next/close to the girl in random places without getting noticed is.... a lot.