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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by tastic, Sep 20, 2018.

  1. I assumed Forty was gay and was going to make a play for Joe. I’ve just started episode 5 and it doesn’t look like this will happen. Think he’s just there to make Love seem less annoying. Not enjoying the neighbours/Henderson storyline much. A lot of the elements of season 1 are in these new episodes but it’s just not as enjoyable this time around.

    It was nice to see Beck make a couple of appearances though. I actually quite liked her.
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  2. Exactly. Also if we don't at least get one Forty ass shot by the end of the season then I will have to pass on a season 3 if we get one.

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  3. I'm on episode 7 and it does pick up. I must say the actress who plays Love is incredible. I think Love is well written and is way more interesting than Beck ever was. Beck kinda seemed undeveloped.
    That being said, the tone of this season is very weird. Like, the first season was way creepier, a bit more dark. Also, this season it feels like they try to humanize Joe and make him way more likeable and it's strange. The difference between two seasons is a bit much. But I still like it.
  4. Yeah I much prefer Love to Beck - I’m still convinced the whole point was that Beck was nothing special and Joe just built her up in his head.
  5. Just begun episode 5. It’s picking up now. I mean, it’s totally ludicrous but I am enjoying it more.
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  6. Just starting season 2, is anyone else finding the bottom of the screen in some shots blurry??? I’ll try and post a photo tomorrow
  7. Yes. It’s a 4K/HDR thing. I’ve seen it a lot on Netflix/Amazon Prime shows. It was rampant in Sex Education!
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  8. I fucking knew Love was unhinged, the moment Candace decided to show her Joe in that cage I knew Love would kill her off.
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  9. I enjoyed this season. I do think it was all over the place but it evened out. I figured out some of the surprises though.
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  10. SBK


    There should be a setting to fix this. Motion rendering or something, my boyfriend just came in as i was binging this and made me fix it (we got a new tv)

    Its a lot slower than the first series, and a bit less sensational, but it picked up hald way through.
  11. Oh will have to look into this, some scenes are soooo blurry
  12. Season 2 is literally Dexter material I cannot.
  13. SBK


    I saw the love twist coming a mile off. Nowhere near as good as series 1, but still enjoyable.

    Kinda wish he'd become obsessed with Forty. Would have made it (him) a bit more interesting...
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  14. Up to episode 6 now and Love is growing on me. The actress who plays her was in The Haunting Of Hill House, of course. She was great in that.

    Very surprised Joe let Real Will go.. I’m assuming this will come back to bite him on the arse...
  15. It seems to be something that afflicts 4K/HDR material. You don’t see it on regular HD shows, I don’t think. It can’t be fixed by tweaking the settings It’s not a motion problem. Most modern TVs fall to bits when handling fast-moving scenes, IMO. The blurry edges you mention are there on static images too.

    But you’re not the only one who’s noticed!
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  16. Yes!!! Loved her in The Haunting Of Hill House, easily one of the best Netflix original series for me
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  17. I have one episode left but this season has more holes than swiss cheese.
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  18. Rob


    I didn't even notice him much until he was playing tennis with Love, those arms made me swoon.
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  19. Definitely enjoyed the 2nd half of this season much more but I really missed
    the emphasis on how easy it was for him to infiltrate people’s lives using social media. I get that there was some of this going on in this seasons, especially with Candace being able to track him down, but it was done far more effectively in season 1 and felt very close to home. I swear it made me go through all my privacy settings on all social media accounts. I was also waiting for the jar of his piss at Peach’s parents’ house to have some implications, or John Stamos’ character. But sadly these were all wasted.
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  20. I really enjoyed this season, then the last literal ten seconds filled me with fury and made me slam my laptop shut so hard I was worried for the screen.

    I get they were setting up another season, but nearly all of Joe's actions, whilst stupid, were out of a place of panic and desperation, and his pursuing of woman felt it came from a place of loneliness and need. I would have much rather had the next season be Love and Joe both battling what came at them together instead of him creeping over yet another woman when he has somebody who genuinely adores him and is equally as batshit.
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