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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by tastic, Sep 20, 2018.

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    I don't know if it needs another series. I mean, I'm sure it'll get one, but I'm not craving more, and there aren't really any loose ends that could carry a 3rd series.
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  2. I'm surprised to see everyone found Love so annoying. I think I could see that actor in any role though and find her captivating and charming in an endearingly delicate way.

    I kind of thought the show as a whole was a bit beneath her actually.
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  3. Yeah I agree- and if it were to end there, I’m happy with it as an ending to the whole series.
    ‘Yep, despite getting away with it all, I’ve still got loose ends I need to manage (the young girl) and I’ll forever be that twisted individual, partly because of whom I’ve chosen to spend my life with.’
  4. I found her irritating in the first episode, but she’s come into her own where I am now (episode 7). Really enjoyed her in House On Haunted Hill, so I’m glad she’s been able to turn it around here. Agree that she’s slightly slumming it in You.
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  5. Just finished, interesting to see what is to come. I feel like it could of ended with the end of season 2
  6. Serial killer couple in suburbia could be a cute concept for season three.
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  7. Not after they killed my baby Santa Clarita Diet, no
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  8. I think Joe will kill Love, he didn’t like her being like him. He sees her as a monster, she’s smarter than him and will know what he will be doing (with the neighbour)
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  9. Came in to say the same ddddddddddd
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  10. I was a big fan of this show hence starting the thread. But I have only one word to describe season 2: sterile.

    It's way too Netflixed if that makes any sense. For me it lost its appeal.

    It lost its charm, cleverness and wasn't witty at all. Even the Amy Adam jokes fell flat. And a pet peeve, they used a different filter. Season one felt warmer and it added a lot because it's obviously not meant to be a warm show.

    Penn is still fantastic at playing Joe and should get some recognition for his work.

    But I felt annoyed by his voiceovers this time around. It was so repetitive. This whole season was.

    There is absolutely no need for a third season as there are only 2 books. But of course it will get renewed and go completely off the rails.

    Love didn't irritate me until she did what she did and her explanation. The exposé was a bit much.

    Like Joe, I also thought WTF.
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  11. Um...I really liked this season?! I haven't finished it yet, currently on episode 9, but it felt so immersive.
  12. Finally finished season 2. It was spoiled by me repeatedly ‘catching’ headlines on the internet over the last week that leaked most of the show’s twists and turns, unfortunately. Still, I did enjoy it. The season was quite ludicrous from the offset. I know the first one was too, but this time it was harder to swallow. Like others here, I don’t see a need for another season. I mean, I’ll watch it, but I’m not expecting an upturn.
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  14. I wonder if season 3 will have them just going around bumping people off like in Mr & Mrs Smith?!
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  15. My guesses on the plot of Season 3:

    Most likely being about Joe and Love, five years or so into their marriage (to maybe feature their kid in a more interesting way), as a destructive, toxic couple and partners in crime/rivals simmultaneously. If the next season is the last (and it should be), I can see the ending being Joe and Love driving each other to death and the show hinting at their child, who witnessed everything, having the same fate.
  16. I actually thought Season 2 was fantastic. It's such a witty show. Great characters, great acting, great dialogues.

    I do agree that another season after the third might be pushing it, though. I feel like the show already has told what it needed to tell in the first two seasons, but we'll see.

    For a second, nearing the end of the season, I really thought Joe was going to die and that Love would take over as the lead, and repeat history in her own vicious circle. In a way, I'm not exactly opposed to the series becoming some sort of fake-anthology with a brand new cast/psychopath every season. But at the same time... I'm not sure anyone can quite carry the series the same way Penn does.
  17. Penn is brilliant I think. I really enjoyed season 2, it’s the only thing I’ve actually binged in years. It’s just so watchable.
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  18. Also the actress who plays Love looks to me like a cross between Kat Dennings/Liv Tyler... I mean sometimes I thought it was one of them.
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  19. For me, she's the love child of Kat Dennings and Hilary Duff.
  20. I hope that they cast Blake Lively as the neighbor.

    I would literally scream.
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