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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by tastic, Sep 20, 2018.

  1. S03 will be just as good as the first two seasons. It's a mess, but a highly enjoyable one.

    If you didn't like this second season, just don't watch the third one. If, like me, you enjoyed yourselves for a couple of nights watching Penn Badgley, you're in for just as much of a treat for the next one.
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  2. I said the exact same thing. It's the sad facial expressions that give her Liv's look.
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  3. I’m only on episode 3 and I haven’t read most of the this thread so I’m just posting this reaction as I binge this this weekend and as predicted - this is kinda shit...

    At this point I’m not even sure I can finish it - does it get better? Someone @ or reply this without spoilers.
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  4. Yes it does get better.

    But it’s always pretty ludicrous.

    Season 1 is better, though even in that Joe has an awful lot of good luck...
  5. If only they had the balls to kill Joe and have Love lead the next season.
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  6. It definitely picks up at the midway point, but I’d say Episodes 1, 5, 6, 9, 10 are the only ones really worth watching; everything else felt like filler. It’s a vast downgrade from the first season.
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  7. I’m on Episode 7 now and I’m just watching it while doing something else because I wanna get to the end of it. This season’s fucking OFF. The first episode was promising and then it descended into SHITE.
  8. I didn’t see the twist coming at all and loved it though I’m not sure about how it was resolved. Season three really will be very Mr & Mrs Smith. I’ll give that a chance.
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  9. Season 3 out October 15th.

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  10. I forgot there's a baby involved now. I'm excited, but really not looking forward to that aspect.
  11. I wonder how many seasons of this show they can possibly do. There's only so many stories to tell with this concept.
  12. ddd I forgot this existed. I checked out of season 2 after a handful of episodes. Season 1 was a fun trashy binge but all of the charm wore off immediately and they just tried to tell the same story over again.
  13. The way I totally forgot what happened in season 2? But still remember season 1? And now will I be back for more clownery?
  14. Not looking forward to this whatsoever. Season two felt and looked so sterile. You would think becoming a Netflix original they would deliver quality but it was so much better on Lifetime. I absolutely loved season one. The cinematography for example. It just had a totally different atmosphere. Don't care for Love being a psychopath either because it wasn't in the books. But I will still be watching because I adore Penn, even though his narration in the second season was a bit much. It's even off in the teaser. Who the hell is directing him?
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  15. Dunno why everyone here seems to be critical about S2!?
    I LOVED it, possibly even more than the first season.
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  16. Has anything been written about a potential faux-diagnosis for the characters here?
  17. Cyst…
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  18. MB


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