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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by tastic, Sep 20, 2018.

  1. A baby storyline always ruin EVERYTHING.
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  2. [​IMG]
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  3. I'm so excited for this.
  4. I'm very excited about this season?

    It's going to be a mess and trash, but hey ho... So were the first two seasons.
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  5. You has been the poster child for every clickbait "Netflix cancels MAJOR series!" video and article on the web for the last 2 years it seems. Whether or not Season 3 is any good... Good for her!
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  6. Can Love kill Joe then lead the fourth season.
  7. Well, I’m 4 episodes in and absolutely loving it.
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  8. Episode 3 and there’s been so many twists so far. The new dynamic of them as a couple is so good.
  9. Finished season 3 in two days and...I don't think I want another season.

  10. Binged season 3 last night and today I loved it, honestly. The show has been batshit from the beginning and I think Penn Badgley makes such a revolting character bearable enough to enjoy the storylines - though I still absolutely despise the character, especially as a young woman who has had the sneaking suspicion on more than one occasion that I'm in the presence of a Joe. Victoria Pedretti is such a dream and I've been a big fan since Haunting of Hill House came out so I just love to watch her and Love is such an insane and fun character to watch her tackle. And those scenes with Exile playing...made me feel so many emotions. I rambled on to my lovely friend who watching with me about how good that song and folklore are. What a fucking song.

    Spoiler ahead, for those who haven't finished -

    I really wanted Love to kill Joe and leave with her baby and the hot college guy. That would've been such a good setup for the 4th season and the fact that she's not coming back at all sucks. I didn't expect her death to make me emotional, honestly.
  11. The scene with Supercut playing on speaker ddd We won.
  12. I'm rewatching Season 2 ahead of making a start on 3 and... Poor Forty.

    I can change him.
  13. Just finished season 3 and I liked it!
    Victoria Pedretti is such a force, it just makes me willing to overlook every flaw this show continues to have. With her being gone, I have no desire to watch season 4. The swing episode was so much fun.
  14. I still miss Peach Salinger.
  15. I’m on episode 5 now, it’s getting better but not as good as the previous seasons yet.
  16. Just finished it! Loved the first half, very fun and twisty. Things fell apart towards the end for me though.

    The amount of murders they were getting away with started to take me right out of it tbh. And they keep rehashing the same plots from the previous seasons, to the point where I didn't even really believe in Joe's new found obsession with library henny

    I do wish it had gone the other way with Love framing Joe for everything and being the new lead of season 4, at least then I would have an incentive to watch it! They better cast another legend like Victoria Pedretti.

    Sherry made up for ALL of the flaws though. And Joe! What kind of power couple??
  17. I really wish they had given us one season or some episodes at least where Joe didn't turn on Love the minute he found out she killed.
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  18. It became predictable and messy. It's a revolving door of the same plots over and over. It's offensive how they just get away with everything. I don't have any idea how they could possibly make the next season exciting or fresh, especially now that Joe is basically his season one self again. Had they killed Joe instead of Love and kept going with her as a killer single mom, I'd be perched for whatever is coming next.
  19. Surely the next season has to be the last, right?

    Seasons 2 and 3 have given us a different angle of ‘murderous stalker love story’ but surely season 4 is going to end up being a rehash of the latter half of season 1, except with Marienne, now that Love is gone.
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