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Young Divas - General Discussion and Christmas Single

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Dynamo, May 6, 2022.

  1. I know it feels a bit odd to talk about a Christmas single in May, but two members from the iconic Aussie pop girl group (Kate DeAraugo & Emily Williams) released a Christmas single under the Young Divas name back at the tail end of last year.

    They’ve said they’re apparently planning on fully reuniting at some point in the future (which honestly would be so awesome).

    Also I guess this is the general discussion thread for them now? Couldn’t really find one and don’t wanna have to necro-post in one of the old threads.
  2. I honestly thought that's what was happening when I seen this thread. I'm pretty sure Jessica wouldn't return but having I can the original four going at it again. Maybe with some original material on top of the covers? I wouldn't mind seeing them take a stab at these

    Maybe even giving us a En Vogue cover?
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  3. I cannot see Ricki-Lee reuniting or rejoining Young Divas at any time soon. She has expressed many times that she prefers to go solo than as a group.

    Still, between both albums, there is total boppery that utterly slay in the right places - What a Feeling, Happing all Over Again, This Time I Know, Searchin, Right About Now, Tell it to My Heart & Turn Me Loose!
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  4. Weren’t they also very catty? I’m not sure a few enjoyed the divas experience….
    I love me some Paulini!
    Kates mum passed away a couple of weeks ago, so who know what the future holds.
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  5. This is better left in the past and forgotten please. They’re better solo!
  6. Years have passed tho, time may have given some humble pie. I see them doing a one off full reunion even if Ricki or Jessica don't return Paulini. Emily and Kate can forge ahead and shoot Lavinia can slide in for the 4th spot permanently if they wanna do that
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  7. Yeah even very recently Ricki has said no to returning. I know people change their mind but I can't see her wanting to go back.
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  8. I think they should just aim for a
    3 piece reunion with Emily, Kate and Paulini as the other two have firmly established solo careers.
    Worst case scenario rope in another ex-Idol contestant. Bring in
    Cosima DeVito and get another powerhouse vocalist.
  9. Can add Samantha Jade.
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  10. I am sure you would jump at the chance of that too.
  11. I think it'll depend on how she's received on "Celebrity Apprentice" as to Samantha Jade's future plans.
    She's been teasing new music "sooner than you think" and talked about working on album for ages.
    Kate was touring with a former Australia's Got Talent contestant but pulled out due to "personal circumstances" so who knows what's going on.
    Her Facebook page has been overtaken by some gamer group .
  12. Casey Donovan would be another great addition to the group. Powerhouse singer!
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