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Young Galaxy - General Appreciation

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Bleu Noir, Aug 9, 2015.

  1. I love that they are continuing the electro-pop direction and the house touch is new. 'Body' bodes well for the album in October.
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  2. I wasn't expecting to see a thread for this, but Young Galaxy have been one of my favourite bands for years. I hope this album is a little less structured and a bit more unpredictable like Shapeshifting; Ultramarine was a little too straight-forward in comparison. The new track bodes well for that hope though.
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    Love this band! Absolutely adore them. Both Shapeshifting and Ultramarine are two of my favourite albums ever. The former for tracks like BSE and Cover Your Tracks and the latter for In Fire, Out the Gate Backwards and Sea Drug. They're one of those bands that when the stars align on a particular track they just sound like magic. There's just no one else out there like them and I'm so excited for their upcoming new release. Body isn't really grabbing me like I thought it would but there's a teaser out there for another track that sounds extremely promising.

    This new album has the same producer as Shapeshifting and Ultramarine so I have high hopes for this one.
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  4. buh bump.

    Young Galaxy are the greatest band in the world.
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  5. I love this band so much. Very pleased they're working with Dan Lissvik again. He's great.
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    Mesmerising and beautiful. An absolute joy to listen to. You're amazing for posting this. Thank you!
  7. I love seeing how far they've come with Lissvik over these three albums. It doesn't feel like they sat down with Ultramarine and said "Okay we're gonna do a synthpop record" this time, nor does this one sound like "Okay we're gonna do a dance album this time." Shapeshifting, Ultramarine, and Falsework all compliment each other really nicely and sound simply like natural progressions that build on previous works, but don't leave the past albums feeling dated at all. (Shapeshifting is still one of my absolute favourite records of all time and I'm still listening to it almost weekly.)

    Also there's not enough love for them so if the music isn't enough, maybe now is a good time to remind people that their keyboardist is literally the cutest boy ever. Like, ever.

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  8. Their newest song is the closest thing to a 'grower' they've ever had, but once you embrace it, goddamn this is shaping up to be their best album ever. My paycheque came through today so I finally pre-ordered this, and a fourth copy of Ultramarine. They're the greatest band in the world.

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  9. Beautiful cover alert:

  10. I never really got in to Shapeshifting but I loved Ultramarine, new songs sound great. When is the album out?
  11. I pre-ordered two copies in hopes that I'll get a good colour.
  12. The album is great! Just as good as the last, will need a few more spins to decide if it is even better!
  13. Just arrived through the post box - can't wait to hear this!
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  14. The white vinyl is lovely............! Saturday morning lazing, Lean Into My Love is giving me some Janet feelz.
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  16. Just ordered the new album on vinyl, only 300 available apparently which drove me into a blind panic on the train to work this morning!
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    New single! New album also coming in April.

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    Another single! This one's quite lovely and enchanting. Album still set for April.

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